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Want to be Successfull With Training & Diet?


Step 1: Stop reading articles on the web and listen to other peoples opinions.

Step 2: Have a open mind and try things for yourself. Keep doing what works for YOU.

This is my recipe for success. Everything else is unnecessary..


What's up with the threads in the category of stating the obvious?

Of course doing what works for you is good...It just doesn't mean it's the only way, there might be a totaly different approach to training, that you simply wouldn't have thought of yourself.

Reading articles should imo, work as a source in inspiration.

You just sound arrogant.


I gotta say, training hard is an important step.

Articles on teh intarwebs can be helpful. . . Just consider the source. If you can't find much information on the author, he/she is probably a talker and not a doer.

If you see right in front of you the results they've achieved, in part, due to their advices, or at least the results their clients have achieved, then take their advices, give them a whirl, and see what worked and what didn't.

I'd rewrite your steps to say:

1) Learn how to train and diet properly
2) Adjust training and diet to your goal
3) Hit it hard and be consistent
4) Periodically adjust the plan (keep what works, replace or remove the rest)

By the way, I'm not disagreeing so much as I am rephrasing.


Other people in my gym happen to be 99% retards, should I lsiten to them and BP 3x a week while doing curls in my restperiods aswell ?

If it said, listen to the big/strong guy that actually look like they know wtf they're doing then yes, wholefully agree




A lot of other people's opinions are influenced by articles.


i wish people could just talk out of experience instead


umm actually i would say fuck ppl's shit ass opinions and read more


Seriously where do you guys come up with these "revelations".

Why would you take some stupid ass's opinion over a knowlegeable author who has made this their career. Some guy throws up 350lbs on bench press and suddenly they are an expert on benching and everything else weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Im not saying all authors out their are credible, but in general (and especially on a site like this) the authors are MUCH more experienced, and knowledgeable than the average poster.


More than anything we all need to learn to use the search function.


Ya, but the search function on this site is pretty worthless. Your better off searching on google or yahoo, and typing something like "......." AND T-Nation.com


I will trust the opinions of those that have been there and done it, not of those who claim to be experts yet there physiques prove otherwise. I equate experience to those that get in the trenches and do shit, not someone that remains studying theory and not actually trying to prove their own work.


I see where you are coming from, but a lot of what is being done now by successful trainees/trainers is owed to some guy that was more interested in studying "theory" than lifting weights. Would you take medical advice from a doctor that diet from cancer at age 60 or from a lady that smoked every day but lived to 100?

This site has some really good articles written by knowledgeable authors. I find it funny when someone wont take advice from someone because they dont look a certain way, or dont lift a certain amount. Knowledge is knowledge, it doesn't matter who is giving it. People need to learn how to make their own opinions on advice and training "theory" and not just blindly follow an author or some guy posting on the forums.

And if you are just going to go based on experience and not knowledge why not go buy Arnold's encyclopedia and follow it for the rest of your life?


I find it funny that someone WILL take lifting advice from someone that doesn't look like they lifted a weight in their life. That is like an obese nutritionist or dentist with rotten teeth giving me advice, fuck that, I have already started to ignore what they say.

Unless the poster/author has documented evidence of how they have trained people to be swole ass monster freaks, they need to look the part IMO.

Knowledge is not knowledge in this context or in many others either. In the last 3 years, 3 of the worst interns & new hires we have had, had the best GPA in school. One in particular had a spectacular GPA, very good book smarts, but couldn't roll fucking cash dude. (Rolling cash is the equivalent of curling a BB without breaking your leg.) Now these kids can teach a college course, but can't survive in the real world doing the work. So if I am stuck on how to approach a situation, their knowledge is bullshit and meaningless if the situation isn't right from a text book.


I have trained 30 years with mistakes and successes, so I think you should:
1. Read articles
2. Listen to the experienced big guys
3. Put what you have learned into action in the gym and work your butt off
4. Assess your improvements
5. change things up according to #4
6. Use your common scense.

If you are new to training then no one could tell you that you are going in the wrong direction if you just stay with the basic exercises for a while. There is no magic method, in my opinion HARD WORK trumps almost everything else.


First, I use a program based off what I found throughout the years works best for me. I chose my prgram and I make adjustments day in and day out. No author could every tell me this.

Secondly, regarding Arnold, although he carried more muscle than I do, I think I know my body a lot better than Arnold, who doesn't even know who I am (yet of course), and I am much more capable of making decisions that work for me than he is.

I can see where you're coming from, as someone who doesn't have big goals as far as bodybuilding, where it would be easier to blindly follow some "proven method," than listen to what your body responds best to. Hopefully you figure it out.


I think I agree with you Austin. My whole problem with taking advice is this: Almost anything works. You can take the "worst" program and get great results, or you could take the "best" program and get horrible results. I myself am a testament to this.

Until just recently I was they typical "I want to gain muscle, but want to stay lean" type. This kept me at the same weight, and consequently about the same amount of muscle and fat. I dont believe my training was at fault during this time, but the lack of calories had just been holding me back. So I said screw it "I need to gain 25 lbs" I dont care if 15 of those lbs are fat, im not stopping until I gain 25lbs. THEN i'll worry about my abs.

Back to my problem with taking advice from various people. So everything works if done right, and everything doesn't work if done wrong. I was listening to Thefitcast earlier and they were talking about this very topic. AS FAR AS EXERCISE GOES, WE DONT REALLY KNOW ANYTHING.

Sure we have some good guesses and opinions. But nobody can come in and say GVT will build more muscle than DC or squats are better than leg extensions for quad size. Like I said, we have opinions, but everyone carries their opinion as if they are some sort of authoratative genius that knows all.

The hosts of The Fitcast go on to quote something about socrates saying "Socrates was the wisest of all men in Greece, because he knew that he knew nothing" This is what turns me off about someone giving advice. Someone, whether it be an author or a forum poster will spout off information as if it is fact, and that if you dont listen to them, they are an idiot.

Even worse, if the person doesn't really understand what they are saying, but instead are just repeating something someone else said to them, then i'd rather get my info elsewhere. I know im different than a lot of the people on the forums, because I care more about understanding the science of training rather than getting big or looking good. Its my priorities.

The forums are a place for members to come on and ask questions or discuss what they are doing. But these few "top members" get all butt hurt and act as if they own the forums. Seriously people get a life. If you are just going to be a dick to someone on the internet that needs help then why not go F%#& OFF.

***Austin none of this was directed at you, just some other forum members.


I only listen to people who are where I want to be and share the same goals. If you weigh, less than say 160lbs I really dont care what you have to say. Im not taking advise from someone less advanced than me. I also work out with people bigger and more experienced than me too.

Anything that I consider a major change in my diet and training, I run it by them or some of the guys on the forums. They will shoot me straight and give me good advise.


Weren't you going to delete your account b/c you didn't like the advice given.

As with anything there is a balance. You've got to know when to trust yourself and when you're being pigheaded. Are you sure you've figured that out yet?


Bro, you had me on SOME of what you were3 saying until this point.

And I'm not trying to flame/shit on you, but you're saying you'd rather be a twerpy scientist type regarding training with no results but who 'knows it all' rather than a guy who finds what works for him and is respected because he GOT UNDER THE BAR AND ACTUALLY DID IT?!?!

And what REALLY blows me away is you just sat there and said, "When it comes to training, we really don't know anything...No one can say squats are really better than leg extensions", etc.

Those two things 1,000% COMPLETELY contradict each other.

How many people you got in that head of yours? lol. Just seriously wondering if maybe I'm taking what you said wrong, cuz those two paragraphs were in direct opposition to each other, and now I feel like I just tried to read a book while spinning in a circle and jerking off- I'm completely dumbfounded.