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Want to Be Strong as $#@%


my numbers right now are:
Bench 285x1
Deadlift 405x1
Squat 500x1
Military 175x1
height 5'9
weight 197

this is my routine ive also stalled on all these numbers for two months.

Monday: Chest and arms
Bench press 5 sets 10,8,6,4,2
DB Flat bench: 3 Sets 6,4,2
Dips: 3x10
Curls: 3x10

Tuesday: Legs
Squat: 5 sets 10, 8,6,4,2
Deadlift: 4 sets 6,4,3,2
Front squat: 3 sets 6,4,2

Wednesday: Back and shoulders
Military PRess: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
LAteral Raises: 3x10
Shrugs: 4 Sets 8,6,4,2
DB rows: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Chinups: 3x10

Friday: Complete upper body
Bench press: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Dips: 3x10
Db row: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Chinups: 4x8
LAteral raises: 3x10

I dont have a set diet i just eat a lot of foods packed with protein, Nuts,chicken, steak, cold cuts, whey protein, Peanut butter, etc

thanks for the help


Lower your volume. Increase intensity. Come back in 3 months.


ok so more weight less reps? and should i stick with the body builder split or do a upper lower split


500 squat? 405 deadlift? Somethings not right, your deadlift should be higher than your squat. Be sure that on your squat the crease of your hips go below your knees. Anyway just do 5/3/1.


Get wendler's 5/3/1 e-book. Move deadlifts to their own day. Drop the second bench day. Focus on higher weights and lower reps. If you want to get stronger, the accessory movements are not to be fretted over. Focus on adding weight or reps each week.




ok so wendlers 5/3/1 book. but im only 16 and dont have a credit card so could would westside for skinny bastards pt 3 work just as well?


Get bit by a radioactive spider. Build a large red and orange iron suit. Take a super soldier serum. Go with three other friends into outter space and get slammed with cosmic rays. You'll have a one in four chance of being real strong, but you will look like a rock. Gamma Radiation is good, if you can control your temper.


Not if you want to "get strong as fuck". Ask your mom to buy it for you. You do have one of them, right?


"my numbers right now are:
Bench 285x1
Deadlift 405x1
Squat 500x1
Military 175x1
height 5'9
weight 197 "

At 16, wtf?



ya why?


I just started working biceps on bench press day too.
OP how has that been working out for you, are your arms growing?


ya there gettin bigger and stronger so i think curls are helping haha


This is exactly what i had to do.


Yes, westside for skinny bastards would work just as well.


sigh, great internet stats, you're squatting 500 and ask us for advice?


ya? i still want to get stronger and i feel as if ive gotten as far as i can off what im doing and i need advice on how to move forward and continue making gains because i have no idea what to do now