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Want to Be Like Frank Zane


Am dying for a body like frank zane had, i just love the guy........i actually insist he wasnt a steroid user and got where he is with great work and dedication......although i seem to be the only one that believes that, any how, i seem to be moving more towards ryan reynold than zane, who knows what routine would mould a body like his?




for the future, if you want serious replies, it's best not to include common troll buzzwords in your post.


bones217 was that you with the failed bench press online? lol



I dont have an answer for the OP. Do you?

This thread isnt about my bench pressing abilities.


Bones what do you mean by troll buzzword? Dont know what it means but sounded kind of rude


Link? Wanna see how jacked you are.


You look really lean, what you need to understand is bodybuilders in the Arnold / Zane era spent extended amounts of time in their youth a lot higher in bodyfat and probably higher in bodyweight than they did when they were competing in the O.

They spent longer, lifting heavier weights than you have. This results in actual muscular increase via an increase in the diameter of the muscle fibre. This is why they look thick at the same time as looking aesthetically pleasing.

Just keep lifting heavy stuff and put on some weight for a while.


Have you seen the pics of Zane before he dieted away to nothing and won the Olympia a few times? He trained, ate, and 'supplemented' just like his buddies of the era did. It's not a bad thing it just is what it is.

The reason you're not looking like Zane, and heading more towards the general 'fit guy' look is because you seem to forgeting that Zane was a rather beefy fellow before he settled down many years later into a smaller, more compact physique. Sure he won the Olympia at MAYBE 180 lbs with 17" arms, but he competed for years much larger (so he had built a considerable amount of muscle already when he dieted down to a much lower stage weight).

[I'm not talking about bulking and cutting here, I'm talking legitimate contest stage weights]



really lean??? My God, that was humbling, thanks dor your asvice though man, can you prescribe an ideal workout for a zane like physique...........and pls dont include any supplements, have no idea where to find supplements in my country


thanks guys, i really appreciate all your help. So ...um....by 'the fit guy look' does that mean just an average looking physique......cause am on the brink of tears here, iv bin working out for seven months, and gained about twenty pounds but am still lean but my friends say im really muscular, and am using a phone camera so im nt getting the best pix.......i just need your opinion


My recent pic


Kid needs to eat.


Am enjoyin T Nation, lots of helpfull info


um...yea....i have no idea in a bodybuilder physique, just shooting for the lean hollywood look, like reynolds,bradley cooper,chris evans etc......so no....i dont need to eat more than i already am


Reynolds is carrying a lot more size than you.


I think he's eaten a few more burgers than you.

I'm not even knocking you. At your age, I am sure you are more developed than many your own age.

But Zane was HUGE compared to you.


dude, its a phone camera......i didnt say your knocking me, am nt offended, am just saying im rily impressive for my age, many of my friends have likened me to a smaller version of stallone and reynolds,

i gained twenty pounds in seven months, am sixteen and under my circumstances am pretty sure many couldnt even succeed, not even evans or ryan..........i appreciate your opinion, but in about three years am gonna be zane's carbon copy


Dude, you likely have the genes to be bigger than Zane. That wasn't even the point. I have no doubt hat in a sea of sedentary video game players, someone like you is unique.

The thing is, to someone like me who grew up when people played outside, it isn't that unique. I've seen it before...and you likely do have a lot of potential. I gained 20lbs in less than 2 months as a newb when I started eating and I am sure most or all of that was muscle at the time...and I kept gaining.

Zane wouldn't have even been 180lbs looking like that without drugs.

Another red flag to anyone experienced is comparing someone like ZANE to Ryan Reynolds.

There's about a planet's worth of difference between them...and being able to see that will help you figure out exactly what your goal even is.

The guys you mentioned cover a huge range of physiques. It is strange that you see them as near the same.


..and just to make it clear....having smoke blown up your ass by people your own age about your potential is great....until you meet up with people better than you.

This shocked tons of people when they hit college both in terms of grades and how they look. It's easy to be the big fish in a small pond...and it must be small if you don't see you need to gain a lot more size.


When I was in high school (about 2400 people at my school), we had a bunch of athletes that looked just like you, and then a bunch more that looked better, or closer to the physiques you're talking about (you mentioned quite a range of physiques btw). I think that's sort of what X is getting at with the big fish/small pond thing. X is also totally right about Zane's/ Chris Evan's sizes. They're alot bigger than you. Even Reynolds has a pretty decent amount of size on you.

All that being said, you've only been in the gym for 7 months. You're doing fine. Just keep working/eating right, and tweak things later as is necessary. I'm sure you're aware that none of the guys you mentioned got to where they are A) at your age, and B) after 7 months.