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Want to be Lean for First Time in Life, Help Please


Hey everybody, im not really a beginner lifter, but I don't know where else this goes, since I am a beginner at losing weight I felt this is probably the best place. I've gained 50 lbs since October, and my strength on my lifts (especially squat and deadlift) have shot up. Right now im 16 y/o, 6 ft 1, 230 lbs. I do not know my bf %, but I have a belly (had one before October). I've been bulking since October, and while I know many of you would say keep bulking, I feel athletically I would do a lot better if I dropped the fat down.

Thing is, I have no clue how to do that. I've seen people post about doing HIIT and stuff like that, and I know what HIIT stands for, but what does HIIT training consist of, and how do I incorporate it into my week (what days, like same days as lifting, days I don't lift, and what time of day)? Im right now doing Bill Starr's 5x5 (3 lifting days), but is that a good program to follow when trying to lose fat? I'm completely clueless as to how to add cardio in.

As for diet, what should be done? Low-carb seems to be effective, would that be the way to go? What supps would be effective for this, fish oil and low-carb MD?

My goal is to be done by the beginning of August (football starts offically then), and im not sure i'll be able to start cutting until the end of May. If the cardio involves sprints and other stuff like that, I won't have a track availible (or an open field) until school gets out. If the cardio consists of treadmill work, I can start that whenever. I plan on playing football next year, and camps start up at the end of July, so I need to lose as much fat as I can before then.

Wow, im a lot more clueless than I thought. Can anybody point me in the right direction?


To get a base of knowledge:





Then, to see what others have done:



You can do 5x5 while cutting, as long as you get enough carbs pre and post-WO; go low-carb the days you're not lifting.



How are your measurements or how are your clothes fitting? Waist of your pants tighter? Shirt sleeves more snug? Neck opening in your shirts getting stretched? How much gut is hanging over your belt, more than before you bulked, if any?

Visually, if you had to be honest, does it look like you gained "a bunch" of fat or "some" fat. 50 pounds in five months is a pretty significant amount of weight, so I'm inclined to think a fair bit of it isn't muscle.

For now, add 20 or so minutes of incline walking (quick walking speed/not quite a jog, pretty high incline/not maxed) at the end of each workout, adding five minutes every other session. If you've been doing zero cardio, this will be a solid first step. After about two weeks, you can start introducing HIIT, depending on progress.

Low carb is one option. But you might want to just start with Colucci's Uber-Simple Three-Step Diet Plan: Eat a little less. Move a little more. Do neither to an extreme.

Rather than changing your entire diet, start with scaling back portion sizes and cleaning it up where you can (cut back on cheat meals, switch your mindset from bulking to cutting, etc.) Again, based on progress, you can tweak it as you go.

What do you mean "my goal is to be done." What is done? How will we know when we get there? Drop 15 pounds? See four abs? What?

End of May to beginning of August is two full months. I wouldn't expect to drop a bunch of weight, but you can definitely drop some, and get back into football shape, if you make it a priority.

Attack this new goal with whatever focus you gave to bulking, and you should be able to do it.


Thanks for the reply (also thanks for the links from the first guy). It's actually in 6 months that i've gained the 50 pounds (I may have mis-spoke originially), but yeah I know its still a lot. In that time my 5 rep maxes on my lifts, particually squat (125 lb increase) and deadlift (170 lb increase) have really shot up, and that was all I cared about during that time. I'm sure more than I would like has been fat, but during that time I really didn't care, I just wanted to get stronger as fast as possible. I wish I would've focused more on keeping fat down, but what's done is done.

I'm not exactly sure what I meant by my goal is to be done by August. Whatever the results, im probably done cutting by August just because football starts up...actually, I could probably stay in a cutting phase for another month, I just don't want to be cutting once we start playing games. Anyway, thanks for the help.


Without knowing the details or hitory, it sounds like you may've gotten caught up with some of the "controversial" bulking talk that's been thrown around haphazardly. The rules change a bit when athletics are involved, compared to strictly bodybuilding.

I gotcha. So, regardless of the progress, the cutting phase is ending in August. I thought you had a goal in mind. No problem. Same rules and advice still apply.

In-season is not the time for restricted calories. Buckle down, attack it the fat loss for two months, and once the football training starts, let performance be your primary goal.


^ Thanks again for the reply and advice. I'm starting now instead of in 3 weeks on my cut. I'm still confused about nutrition at this point, but mainly im going to just eat less and cut the carbs as low as I can on off days. Going to walk 20 min incline after my 3x weekly workouts also, until summer comes then HIIT sprints on off days, maybe still walk once a week, not sure yet. Still trying to figure things out as I go.

Question to anyone who reads this: I'm going to go low carb on off days, but how low should that be? While school is still going, lunch is hard to get low carb (i.e. impossible except for salad on some days). Also, on lifting days, should I still try and cut calories below maintanence?


In terms of fast results I would highly reccomend CT's regressive keto cycle.

4 week cycle, 1 week maintenance, 4 week cycles, back to maintenance and normal training.

Thibs recons someone can drop a good 4-5% bodyfat in a 4 week period with a very small lean tissue loss. Obviously gains will be less with successive cycles.

I dont see why someone couldnt drop 7-8% and hang on to pretty much every ounce of strength with a couple of cycles.

Putting together the training for this diet has been a little tricky mind... im using 3 full body strength sessions and nepa walks when needed on off days.


People differ in how low they need to go, but I've been having decent progress by keeping carbs under 50g (every day). Calories are under maintenance every day, but not drastically so, and I've eased into it over weeks.

From Thib's article
http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/refined_physique_transformation you can find these guidelines, which I found helpful.


Okay, so from what i've been reading around its better to keep carbs low every day, not high on lifting days and low on off-days. However, what about PWO nutrition? Should I still eat a PWO meal high in carbs and protein? I know in Thib's article he says use glutamine, but im not going to use that (or creatine), so what should I do? Drink one serving Low-Carb Metabolic Drive before lifting and one after? What about for a meal PWO? I never realized how much carbs there were in all the food I eat.