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Want to Be Confident About My Program

Really want to get my training straightened out so I believe it and go in 100% confident in it. Goal is a mix of strength and size but mainly size. I also plan on mainly using the double progression method.

Please when you have time, let me know what this set up looks like for my goals

Press 3-5 reps
Chin up 6-8 reps
Dips 6-8 reps
Shoulder isolation

Squat 3-5 reps
Front squat 6-8 reps
RDL 6-8 reps
Loaded carry

Bench 3-5 reps
Rows 6-8 reps
Close grip floor press 6-8 reps
Triceps isolation

Deadlift 3-5 reps
Shrugs 6-8 reps
Farmers walks

Thank you.

On paper it’s solid. But I’d need to know what your strong and weak points are to be able to know if it will be optimal for you

Bench weak point is about the halfway point I get stuck

Squat is weak out of the hole

Deadlift is fairly strong. Maybe knee level is sticking point

Not sure about my press weak point.

Muscles I want to bring up are traps and shoulders and biceps. My chest and triceps are growing nice

Not sure if I had enough work on deadlift day since I put back/ lats on press and bench days.