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Want to Be a WWE Superstar


My goal since I was 8 was to be a wwe superstar I am now 33. I have been trained by the best in the business, had a following,but wasnt used as main talent because of my size. It hurt me and i left the business frustrated and jealous.

Now I want to make one last risk at it and try to get contract. I am thinking about going on a cycle but I have millions of questions. What do I take? Can I only do one cycle then maintain? Why when I took sustanon and winny nothing happened the first time? I train my ass off and get nothing but frustration.

What can I take to get bigger as well as tighten midsection? I am 33 yrs old 200lbs, nutrition is about 3,000 cals a day.


Is that you in your avatar?

Can you describe your Sust and Winny cycle in more detail please? I'd guess the gear was fake if you got no results whatsoever.


yeah thats me bad huh. On here looking for help The gear prob was fake


I think Bonez217 will have some advice for you.


What? lol is that a joke?

Dont put me on the spot, I dont appreciate that.


Read the Sticky's and all the answers in the threads!




Bonez, I think Budda was assuming you were going to tear him a new one, lol.

WWE is so retarded that even 2 minutes of it will put me into an idiotic pseudo-coma for the rest of the day.


it might be but wwe aside how do i do this . Instead of neg comments need constructive criticism. it is what is now how do i change it


By the way I actually respect Bonez because he says what he feels and doesnt hold back. Have read many of his posts


What does your training and diet look like. Details please. 3000 calories isnt really informative at all


Agreed thats what i was thinking. Also that is what i was hoping for. OP Needs some tough love to waken up i think


That's your opinion. Who are you to say what someone's goals should be?

It's not like OP said he wants to look like Bill Goldberg after using 20mg of var per day for 4 weeks. THAT would require a wake up call.


Yes, a joke. No bad intended :slight_smile:


Do you have a more reliable source now?

Do have a 'target size'?


LOL nice


This, and OP, answer buddaboy's other question about details of your previous cycle.

Dont expect much help if people are forced to tease information from you.


Do you want to be a superstar?! Then this is what you need to do!

Testosterone Enanthate 1000 mg per week for 10 weeks (Frontloaded)
Tren Acetate 700 mg per week for 8 weeks
Dbol weeks 1-4 at 75 mg a day
Winstrol weeks 8-10
HGH 5 IU Every other day!
Week 13 start you PCT!


Why don't you switch gears and start training for MMA? Size and physique wise could be more up your alley.


dont listen to this guy lol
Just read the stickies threads and you will know what to do.