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Want To Be A Monster


this is me now but i want to get bigger. im 5'9 197 im 16 years old and have been only lifting seriously for 8 months now.
my bench is 285 squat 500 deadlift 405


im sweating because i came back from a run and thought i looked cooler sweaty haha


This is my routine and diet

Monday: Chest and arms
Bench press 5 sets 10,8,6,4,2
DB Flat bench: 3 Sets 6,4,2
Dips: 3x10
Curls: 3x10

Tuesday: Legs
Squat: 5 sets 10, 8,6,4,2
Deadlift: 4 sets 6,4,3,2
Front squat: 3 sets 6,4,2

Wednesday: Back and shoulders
Military PRess: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
LAteral Raises: 3x10
Shrugs: 4 Sets 8,6,4,2
DB rows: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Chinups: 3x10

Friday: Complete upper body
Bench press: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Dips: 3x10
Db row: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Chinups: 4x8
LAteral raises: 3x10

I dont have a set diet i just eat a lot of foods packed with protein, Nuts,chicken, steak, cold cuts, whey protein, Peanut butter, etc


you'd look even cooler if you'd take your pants off.

awesome start man. damn i wish i had started when iwas that young, you've got great potential


Damn, 8 months? It took me 2 years to get those numbers, except for my squat, which is still pathetic. Good job man, keep it up.


Drink this.

Seriously man, you've got a hell of a lot of potential, keep pushing.


Whatever it is you;re doing its obviously WORKING. Don't change anything unless you've actually stalled lols.....thats insane stats and you literally double my lifts.. wHAAAAAAT? lols


Awesome numbers man. You are still young...all you gotta do is keep on doing what your doing...as your body finishes maturing, your size will come. Your numbers are kinda like mine when I was 16 (im 22 now). Keep it up!


must be a high squt for his dead lift to be so much lower.


Or maybe his leverages just make him more predisposed to squatting rather than deadlifting?

Jesus Christ, the kid is 16 and in the beginners forum, give him some encouragement rather than shit on him.


Hey bro your progress is awesome it's good to see another youngin on here who is actually serious about lifting and has put his knowledge in use in the gym. But, I'd suggest, and it's only a suggestion, that you switch up your routine, maybe do a normal BB split like chest+tri's/legs/shoulders/Back+ bi's. Do deadlifts with your back day, then you deadlift will start improving and be fore than 4 plates...when your squat is 5 plates and a bit. I think you'd see more improvement and would be resting abit aswell so your muscles would grow better. I've just started resting more, and i've been gaining some serious mass. Just an idea dude.


"Encouragement" should never mean giving positive reinforcement to someone when they're doing something incorrectly.

If a 16 year old's squat is 100lbs greater than his deadlift, it is extremely likely that they are squatting with bad form (not to mention we don't know what his legs look like).


Looking good for your age and only 8 months. Once you figure out how to diet (properly) and learn how your body responds to different rep ranges, complexes, exercises, etc. You will grow like a fucking weed. I would start now with looking into some of the techniques from some of the better strength coaches. Eric Cressey, Chad Waterbury, CT and others.

Learning those little secrets now at your age will pay off in dividends once you hit your early 20s. One thing, didn't see any incline chest work. Are you not doing any? If not, start!
Good Job!


Agreed, but there is a difference between:

"Lulz you dun squat high looser"


"Do you have someone to check your form, or maybe a video of your squats and deadlifts? Because based on the numbers I'm curious if you are hitting depth on your squats. You seem very motivated and eager to progress, and that progression will be more beneficial and safer with proper form."

Ya see what I mean?


I agree on critiquing his form to a degree. This guy seems pretty serious and is also a football player (learned from another thread) which leads me to not really care about him doing ATG squats because those really don't affect performance on the football field. I'm sure his squat is parallel or close to it. At 16, a 500 lb squat is pretty damn good.


thanks everyone ya i have had at least 5 people watch my form and they all tell me my squat is around parralel but the reasone my deadlifts so off is my grip my grip is awful


You could try chalk for your grip on the deadlifts or straps.


ya i just bought chalk so im going to be giving that a try on tuesday when i do deads.


umm straps? If you're struggling to hang onto said weight, strap up and blow past that weight. Guaranteed when you come back you can do the previous weight strap less with EASE.


Ya, grip should never be what holds you back on deadlifts. Chalk should do the trick, I like it even more than straps.