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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video


please tell me this is a joke


Hi just a quick recap. I was never able to get under 140 lb. Recently i’ve been as low as 145 lb.

Not being able to hit 130 lb. has been extremely depressing & demoralizing. It’s hard for me to even reply in this thread. Many of you will understandably laugh. That’s fine, I get it. My eyes are welling up slightly as I type this.

So I guess i’m just letting you all know that I am more determined now than ever. I am 34 years old and have failed to reach sub-140 lb. for over 5 years now.

My only new years resolution for 2017 is to get to 138 lb. I’m no longer striving for 130, it’s too unrealistic.

As proof of my determination, i’ve already started avoiding sunlight. As of this past week, I haven’t stepped into sunlight at all. I am changing my sleep schedule to avoid any direct contact with sunlight and training only at night. This should have a small but significant effect on my bone mass/density, and thus body weight.

I will finally reach my goal of sub-140 lb in 2017 and I will dedicate this feat to T-Nation.

Wish me luck,



This gon be good.




I truly hope you’re jesting. If you’re serious about this, I suggest seeing a therapist. i mean no disrespect, but you’re going to cause permanent damage to your body if you persist.


Oh my fucking God. He’s back!!!


Seriously,what is your goal?

Cause if it’s to hit 130 just for the sake of the number you just made a young aspiring trainee thinking of committing suicide


He wants to lose fat muscle and bone mass so he can get down to 130 so he can be better at being a professional basketball dunker


Oh gawd

Just run a variation of conjugate and get your box jumps and box squats to something strong

Check westside for skinny bastards(That’s the name of the program,I don’t call you a bastard)


Buddy, seriously, you need to cut this shit out.

It was all fun and games 5 years ago but you’re mid 30s now you need to move on with your life.
These are prime years -You should be focusing on making serious money, starting a family or travelling the world, knocking big goals off your bucket list etc etc. As others said above consider seeing a therapist. Perfect world I would not touch a basketball for a couple years.

That post you just made about 5 min miles was good stuff and well thought out, …you clearly have some training knowledge, use all this dedication to get in amazing shape(muscular, strong and athletic) and bursting with energy and like I said move on to bigger and better things.


The key to dropping the extra weight is you need to get rid of any carbs, protein, and fats you consume. You ll get very hungry at first but itll pass. The human body can survive and flurish with just water alone. problem solved. Might even break double digits ( not sure the weight on a skeleton).


What have you accomplished in your life in the past 3 years? Obviously you didn’t make your bodyweight goal. Did anything outside of this go well? Did your dunking get better, worse, or stagnate?


Also, to anyone who is seeing this thread for the first time and replying… PLEASE take the time to read through the entire thread, or at least most of it, before posting. A lot happened in here, and your comments won’t make a lot of sense if you don’t have a good idea of what’s already been said,and who the OP is.


Hi RampantBadger,

Your concerns are acknowledged. My recent post in this thread was simply to say I never achieved sub 140 lb - though I did include some nonsense in the end. Some people find my “goal of sub 140” to be ridiculous but I am actually serious; the lowest i’ve been recently is ~145 lb @ ~11% body fat in October 2016. A goal like that may sound ludicrous in the context of a T-Nation “Rate My Physique Photos” sub-forum, but the purpose of this sub-forum has never explicitly been about posting bodybuilding before & after photos; though that is probably implied. T-Nation has had many members over the years who are also interested in things like running, jumping, boxing, MMA, wrestling, drassage jockeys etc. Sports such as running & jumping, performed at the elite level, are usually dominated by light & lean athletes; how light & lean could be debated.

Obviously you know this, I was just stating it.

Also, I don’t plan on getting into it with anyone - contraire to many of my earlier posts in this thread.

I actually haven’t dunked since ~November 2011. So I did move on for several years, but that was due to completely detraining & focusing on work - where I ballooned up (for the first time in my life) to an obese 207 lb.

FWIW, I don’t have a bucket list and i’m surprisingly anti-social.



Hi flipcollar,

Well from 2012 to late 2015 I stopped training completely. So I didn’t achieve anything over that period. I lost all of my vert gains.

At the tail end of 2011, I had started to transition into single leg jumping/dunking and running. My (left) single leg jump was surprisingly good (max effort 35-36", max effort sub 30" several months prior), considering I had only been performing SLRVJ’s (as layups) during my warmups in every dunk/jump session. So my overall strength gains & jump gains transferred really well to my single leg jump. However, I guess I was pushing it too soon and developed some kind of “thigh splint” - similar to a shin splint, but in my quads. It became very debilitating and I stopped training for several months - then other stuff happened and I stopped training for basically 4 years.

I started training again in mid 2015. By mid 2016 I had gotten my L-SLRVJ up to ~33". I did try to land a few dunks; crushed a few but they all flew out.

I want to jump more but, i’m really focused on running now. So it’s been hard for me to get my jumps in when i’m just so focused on running. That’s no excuse though.

I also bought a pair of Kobe’s recently, in preparation for some jump sessions. I don’t think I want to jump in XC/track flats anymore; i’m too worried about my feet. Pretty much all of my dunk videos & jumps were performed in “nike zoom waffle racers” (discontinued) - very light track flats. Ironically, running has made my feet weaker, not stronger. When I jump in “minimal shoes” (like XC flats), I can feel my bones aches and I hurt my heel a few times.



As for my physique goals, I figured i’d post some visuals.

My ideal upper body physique: Paul Chelimo pictured on the left is 5’11 ~126 lb. in competition (5000m etc).

My ideal lower body physique: Taoufik Makhloufi @ 5’9 ~154 lb. in competition (1500m etc).

I feel I have the genetics & work ethic, but maybe not dietary discipline, to achieve that combination at ~6’1 (in shoes) / ~139 lb.

In my pictures in the OP @ ~147 lb, you can see I have solid VMO genetics in the “wheels picture” and a frail (but vicious) upper body. You can also see I am not nearly as lean as Chelimo. If I had taken better pictures of my lower body (in a spedo perhaps), it would be clear that it is significantly “larger” in comparison to my upper body - mostly due to all of the half squatting, jumping, etc. After years of dunk training my glutes and quads were very big in proportion to the rest of my body.

Here is a brief physique timeline:

~2001: ~140 lb, skinny fat, just basketball.

~2008: ~142-144 lb, after boxing/running for a few years:

~2011: ~147 lb. dunking, jumping, mostly lower body lifting:

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~2015: ~207 lb, after 3 years of being a sedentary software/infrastructure engineer:

~2016: ~147 lb. after running off and on for a year: (I am #370 … as you can see, I have too much fat - on my arms etc)

January 2017: ~157 lb. after introducing lifting back into my routine & running much longer runs, eating alot (initially) to adapt faster.

By simply running alot (tons of speed work, some long runs etc), I have not been able to get to my dunk-level leanness.

In 2017 i’m including heavy lifting again; I think that will help me achieve a leaner body composition. So now i’ll be running + lifting.

One thing i’m on the fence about is whether or not I should cut out cow milk. When I boxed, I actually drank lots of soy milk. The lowest I got at that point was ~142 lb. When I dunked, I drank milk, but not in excess - I didn’t GOMAD. I actually drink alot of milk now. I might experiment with soy milk soon, i’ve been thinking about it. I also don’t take any supplements so cow milk gave me some extra complete protein.

So, all of my best dunks/jumps came at sub 150 lb. (145-147). All of my best runs/races recently have come at ~145-149 as well.

A few more runner physiques:

I’m serious about sub-140, though ~130 lb. is probably never going to happen. I’m shooting for 138-139 lb.



Oh and my goals are no longer jumping related. My main goals are running related. I can’t edit my previous post so…

2018 Goals:

  • Peak Competition Weight: ~139 lb.
  • 400m: ~55s
  • 800m: sub 2 min
  • mile: ~4:2x’s
  • 5km: ~15:xx

Not as focused on these for speed:

  • half marathon: sub 1h:20m:00s
  • marathon: sub 3 hours

Would be nice:

  • L-SLRVJ: ~35"
  • simple lob dunks


interesting stuff man. You’re probably overestimating your excess bodyfat a little bit. A little bit more lean muscle would change your appearance fairly drastically, I would think, and probably also help you shed a little of the last bit of bodyfat. Lifting should benefit you.

Your sub-140 goal is pretty reasonable, and IMO, better suited for your running goals than it was for dunking. Seems to have a more direct effect on performance, particularly on very long distances.

My opinion on milk is that it’s a quality component of a good diet if you’re able to digest it well, and it sounds like you do. I drink a lot of milk, and it doesn’t prevent me from staying very lean. But everything is relative, and I would say that the decision to eliminate or not should be based on what the rest of your diet looks like.


I didn’t want to bump this thread but I did want to respond to @flipcollar.

Thanks for the feedback man. It’s much appreciated.

I’m currently back to training after being injured for like 3 months. Stupid injury. Some slight damage to my left patella. I made so much progress with my lower volume + high intensity training regiment - just felt amazing & PR’d like crazy … but then, instead of just keeping a good thing going & riding that wave for a long time, I got tempted to experiment with high volume, low intensity. Everything was going fine, other than getting slower / feeling slower / feeling weaker, until I started occasionally running on grass/turf. The surface change started making my legs feel weird, then boom, left knee started tracking & had to shut everything down. Ballooned up (mostly fat) from 147 lb. to 165 lb. during injury, but now i’m back to 159 lb. and heading back toward < 150 lb.

On the bright side, it gave me time to re-evaluate my training regiment & heal up some other nagging issues. My current training regime is similar to the effective one I mentioned earlier (low volume + high intensity) - however, i’m not going to run on fatigued days (strict quality emphasis), no morning + evening sessions, always going to utilize one+ rest day after a hard day, incorporating more long + fast walking, jumping more, incorporate more running jump rope & high volume walking lunge sessions (for leg strength/mass).

Also as far as my performance goals go: i’m only focused on <= 1 mile & running vert/dunking. Don’t care about > 1 mile anymore, but i’ll still do some 5k races because they are fun. Physique goals are probably more around 145 lb. now though, not < 140. I could definitely use that extra muscle on my legs/glutes.

As for the milk, i’m back on it. I drank one glass of this “Fairlife” milk and that was it. I’m such a milk / cheese addict. Not worrying about it, makes me feel strong.



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