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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video


^ Hahaha, fantastic summary!


He promises he will jump higher ...


6-1 150 and dunking


6-2 285 lb. 39 years old dunking


Here is that link


LOL this has been a most enjoyable read... just so you know, the average weight of an NBA player has been ATLEAST 220 for the past 20 years... fair enough the average height has floated around 6'7 (6 inches taller than you) but i dont think scaling a 6'7 NBA player down to your height equates to a 130 frame...

thank you though for possibly the best broscience thread!

oh, just FYI, this info is from NBA.com, you can google it...


Average 6-1 guard in NBA is about lean 180-185 lb. So,thats at least 50 pounds of muscle more than OP wants to improve his jumping.
But remember,its self-proclaimed Air Jesus we are talking about! He might pull out some miracle jumps! :wink:))


every dunk in this video the guy has to catch the ball in the air on the way up because he doesnt have the clearance or ball control to dunk going up with one or two hands on the ball. This guy cant dunk against someone in a game. That is what the dunk is for. Strange people out there.


Why not just cut your arm off? It probably weighs around 10lbs (maybe more - bonus!). You'd look better than the effect losing 10lbs would have. You've even got the knife to do it with. Good luck!


Wow, I wouldn't see why you'd think being skinnier would help you any but it's your body. And being a fighter myself I'm really not impressed with your running off at the mouth on disciplines and posting video with obvious holes in your talent. You have multiple flaws in your guard and your return to guard after you throw is horrible. Not to mention your injuries are a massive target and hinder you in a real fight.

You should concentrate on something else because with your injuries "jumping" is not doing you any good. But I can tell the type, you won't take the criticism and in the long run your damaged goods. Cross fit is great to an extent. You look to me like you should rethink your goals REALISTICALLY not in a fantasy land.


Whoa Holy resurrection Batman!


I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


wow this thread is still going ?? sad



lol sorry i had to do it


just follow your goals bro


Hey guys what's going on in this thread?


Last I heard op is down to 125 and dunking the ball like a champ


Jesus wth happened to Adarqui? Did he have a meltdown (Yes I just saw this thread now damnit)? I remember seeing him on vert forums in 2007-2009 and he was fine, he was trying to become a strength training coach back then, had a website and was working with a few prominent speed/vert coaches.


I remember when I was 130lbs...I was 10.