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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video


I feel kind of bad, honestly. After this thread, he stopped adding videos to his YouTube and stopped managing his website. I hope the brutal honesty he got in the thread did him some good and not throw him into a bout of severe depression.


Gangsta rap made him do it!


I've read and re-read every page of this thread- everyone who contibuted deserves a round of applause! Fucking hilarious!


you must all feel real good about yourselves now


HAHAAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAH put that knife away youre not scaring anyone. I hear heroin surpresses appitite :slightly_smiling:


Give Nards back his avi


I'm 6'
well 5' 11 1/2' on squat and dead lift days...
I'm 270 and my Doc would prefer I'm 220.

Does this count?


That makes you certified Antiadarq! :wink:)


This thread is still here


Thanks for the heads up.


Your welcome, just wanted you to know


This thread is pure gold.It stands next to midget porn & professional wrestling! :)))


If I stay the same but shave my head and then do half squats with 350 while spitting out all my liquids to lose an ounce will the aerodynamic flow and less body fluids give me 6 inches on my vertical as well? yaaaay!!
you guys are hillarious. good ones


Is it possible to lose every ounce of bodyweight? like atrophy yourself to where you just no longer exist? any tips?






heavy bag work


what was your hope in positing here man? You KNEW that your "cheetah" look would not be appreciated lol. It sounds like you are more interested in performance rather than aesthetics. You certainly are not a bodybuilder, I don't care if you like to fancy yourself one or not. You have little to no muscle mass. And that's ok if that's the look you prefer.


Lulz....this was the last RMP thread I posted in back in 2011, and now I remember why.

Facepalm of epic-ness


Recap of OP's credentials and accomplishments:

-Has experience in training "UFC", kyukoshin (spelling?) karate, and krav maga
-Would have gone pro in boxing if it weren't for a broken knuckle
-Knows a guy who can get him a "tryout" for the UFC
-Elite athlete (Sixth man on his high school JV basketball team, got recruited by D1 schools)
-Top 5 "most alpha" male on T-Nation forums (how would one even go about quantifying this?)
-"Half" Jewish (apparently you can half-practice a religion)
-Has a physique like legendary bodybuilder Frank Zane
-Has trained in "IFBB" gyms
-Gets mad bitches from being a professional dunker
-Had a booth at the Arnold
-Apparently is connected with Greg Glassman, whom we all know is a renowned sports and fitness expert who operates based on sound scientific principles
-Able to squat over four times his bodyweight ATG without even training the squat; bikram yoga>everything
-Would "easily" win local bodybuilding contests despite being 6'1" weighing under 150 lbs...

Am I reading a T-Nation forum, watching a new Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercial, or reading "Overly Manly Man" memes?