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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video


Thanks for bumping this thread. It had some great stuff in it.


oh ... this again


lol fun times.


I will probably never be able to start a thread here, but Daiquiri did show some balls in doing just that.


Are you UtahLama in disquise??


I'm not, he is his own man.


he finally got a haircut and shave...


I just spent about half an hour reading through all of this and watching the videos. That's not the sad bit, the sad bit is, it made my day.

Thank you OP.



HAHAHAHAHA. Night OFFICIALLY made complete. Watching those squats at 325, Made me feel SOOO much better about my parrelel squat of 250. And his " hey baby nice avatar did you like machate" pick up line, Priceless. No she didnt, But she did however have a good chuckle the next week when she went in the gym and lifted heavier then you ^^^ This thread was wonderful. After reading the first page and seeing 19 MORE,
I went and heated up a meal, and had a blast, So for that, I thank you.


This is my favorite thread in the history of Tnation


One of the most original ones for sure.6 ft 1 inch athlete wants to reduce his bodyweight from 147 to 130 lb.Crazy shit! :))


You need to stop doing all that bullshit, look up elasicity training. Jumping higher has little to do with strength or abs or anything, it does have to do with A solid core and a few mechano -receptors hint hint, these g


Jumping higher has little do do with strength??!! :))))


Yeaaa, not about to try and read all these threads but I will throw my two cents in...

Seems like you're a baller more than anything, I use to be till I got really involved in the weight room but I still play on a very regular basis. I don't want to get into my achiements as a ball player to prove my credibility, but i really think you should trust me on this...

YOUR MAIN GOAL: to up your vertical
YOUR MAIN PROBLEM: you have white guy syndrome

Facts- The main focus of your game revolves around dunking a basketball. I don't know about you but I'v never saw someone get three points for a jam. There are no style points in basketball, but hey, if that's what you like to do then so be it.

You're 6'1 and your jumping ability is GREATLY decreased when you take it up with you, instead of throwing yourself an oop off the bounce. This means one of two things. A. Your barely getting it how it is, or B. your body dosent have the mass present to create the inertia required to not let the ball alter you vertical.

I'm 6'2-6'3, I weigh 220 pounds, I have aprox. 9% body fat, and I can undoubtly jump higher than you as well as dunk.


Go get in the weight room and build your legs up! Leard to do a proper squat, a proper leg sled helps a bunch, also straight leg dead lifts (let it stretch your hamstrings)will make a huuuge impact.

Jumping is a really simple concept. The fast one can straighten his legs out beneath him, the higher he will jump.. loldoing reps where you go down really slow and control the weight, then push up as fast as you can (Leg sled is great for this)are great for increasing your vertical.

hope this helps. (I typed this really fast hope you can make it out)


Mine too! :))


I especially like the quarter-squat videos! :))


looks like i wont get those 20 minutes back. I cant believe this is real. The reason he bounces the ball and catches it in the air is because he cant hold the ball, jump, and dunk. i cant either but fortunately that skill is not a powerlifting prerequisite.


Oh man, I remember this thread. So much fun

Thanks for the necro


if he shaved all his hair he'd jump 1 inch higher


Waiting for the second one...Want to be 6-1 110,Im 6-1 125 in this Video