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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video


This is jumping!

but he is a crossfitter so people on here will hate.



Look! Adarqui is on South Park.


Look! Adarqui is on South Park!


i'm still waiting for a dunk.. not a jump


This thread is epic. 6 foot 1 and 59 kilograms??


just to give yall a lil recap i retired from the dunk game, im gaining fat, im at a disgusting 165 lb & can't really see my abs anymore.. i stopped weightlifting or any type of resistance training (bodyweight etc).. all i've been doing is some occasional jump rope, shadow boxing, long distance runs, etc.. i'm thinking about getting back into my UFC training and possibly trying out for ufc.. not 100% certain though on whether or not i will do it..

i know somoene who can definitely get me a tryout and this person was trying to get me in before (4 years ago) before i broke my knuckle sparring. who knows though, i'm not sure. i do think that i experienced true overtraining syndrome, loss of T, and even have experienced baldness since my last high frequency squat cycle where i maxed 4x/day for nearly a month.. hemmeroids are a BITCh too, bleh, im a wreck.

i've actually gotten a consultation about liposuction but it was above my pay range, i just hate fat but im so unwilling to put in the work to keep it off.. i want to eat everything in sight, i love chocolate almonds, pecan pie, and blue bell ice cream (pistachio mint & cookies n cream). so in the future i might just get lipo to get my ripped back, because honestly i can't diet anymore im almost 30 and probably going through early onset andropause so this shit aint cool i just wanna eat whatever, whenever, and fool around with dimes that's it.

i was getting paid pretty good for dunking, believe it or not.. the days of being a professional dunker are over, sadly.


lol @ trying out for UFC.... yeah just walk in Dana's office and tell him u wana fight.


hmmmm... sounds like you were starving yourself duder. you GROW hair on your balls and chest from squatting, not lose it on your head. Start squatting deep and eating more ice cream


This is true but I find that you aren't a great deal better off with once a week as you can get day 1 as a high fluctuation and day 8 as a low one and ur still no closer to knowing how ur progressing. I think its better to take the reading every day then average it per week then compare those figures.


Shit man... you should be able to see abs at 160-170. That's not an issue of body-fat, that's an issue of small abs. Some people can see their abs at way above 12% body-fat. at least the top 2 sets.

You need to blast those abs with a medicine ball, sprinting, even heavy-bag work (if your in ufc training). Those obliques should be visible even through a lot of fat. Do 1 ab day a week, 30min to 1 hour, blast them with a variety of exercises and you'll see them even when the body-fat is higher.


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oh noooe, i want 12min and 3 seconds of my time back... is there refunds on this forum?


bushidobadboy is a 2-faced trader.


And you're a 1-faced idiot.


I don't have time to read every single post today but I did find this thread very entertaining so I did read a lot of them. I noticed that you thought a partial squat maybe 1/4 of the way down with a weight that you can just about manage to hold across your back was a good exercise for improving your ability to jump high.

OK some advice - first of all you want power not strength so lift a lighter weight and lift it faster because this actually works towards what you want - a higher jump. Secondly why the squat when you said it yourself that you are trying to neglect your upper body to reduce your bodyweight? Your upper body is working quite hard to hold that weight in place during the squat.

You can work on your legs without building your upper body by picking different exercises and theres a lot to choose from. Thirdly it is not true to say that a quarter squat is harder than a full squat. I can lift way way more on a quarter squat than a full squat (as much as 100 pounds more) without even training it in a specific manner very often and I think you will find the same goes for everyone else who tried to compare the two.

Finally your squatting technique looks pretty bad, even when you lower the weight 1/4 of the way down, your knees are coming right past your toes which is too much too soon in the movement. If you do take the advice to squat lower that some posters have given you then you are really going to need to sort out that form but I am guessing you will not take that advice firstly because you believe your way is better and secondly because of your injuries.

So whats wrong with doing some leg press with a bigger range of movement with lighter weight with explosive power? You can train your core seperately if you feel the need to although, as you say, you don't have much bodyweight restricing your movement.

Sometimes the best sports specific training is to train as close to what you are trying to get better at as possible. Perhaps try jumping for a dunk with a weighted vest on?

Anyway I hope you like the advice and information which I saw fit to give you. Notice that I have not been mean to you so no need to crack up at me like with some other people who may or may not have deserved it previous to me. Please do keep us updated and I will endeavour to read the rest of this thread later.


Good shit man...just curious what was your vertrical jump training like, or did you just get out there and try to dunk the basketball over and over again until you got it.


Half squat transfers? What is that exactly...


How are you progressing,Adarqui?


Here's a new progress picture. http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/j/MSNBC/Components/Photo/_new/120222-nn-anorexia-8a.380;380;7;70.jpg he told me that he is happy that he finally looks like an anorexic girl.