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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video


I've been holding off on my reply, to see how your advice effected me & give you better feedback. I'm in a rush atm but i'd like to report that your advice has been working very well, and i'm actually 148 again today. The 90 minute sessions upon waking up are really helping, though my power for dunking has dropped temporarily, but that's fine.

Thanks a ton BBB, only thing I didn't utilize yet is the CoQ10.

Cya man


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I don't quite get why bushidobadboy is still posting in this thread. You have "bowed out" of this thread twice already saying you weren't gonna post anymore AND that you were going to block adarqui yet you have posted a dozen times since. You referred to adarqui's methodologies as "dickbaggery" and claimed to have been having a laugh fast at his training videos. You clearly are not a man of your word and definitely not a bushido, perhaps just bad and a boy.

You claim his training ideologies to be foolish and mock them repeatedly and then offer him advice(after saying you would block him and no longer post in this thread) to aid him in a direction you deem foolish? Your advice is as reliable as asking PeeWee Herman about steroids.

^^Enough said.


may 2011 dunk/traiing mix

very derpresseded



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Obvious alt is obvious. Before trying to steer the thread back towards flame wars Altarqui (hur-hur see what I did there?) you might want to make an alt that has more than five posts with at least a few of them NOT being in your own thread. E for effort F for fail.


uhh.. that's not me, don't know who that is. good try though inspector gadget.


Yeah, thanks a ton for your help, I really do appreciate it.. I'm broke as **** so I still didn't get the CoQ10 but i've hit 146 recently, but i'm back up to 148 today.

cya man


Do you think you can even do it without losing some muscle?

Seems like you already have low BF%, I do not know where you are trying to lose it from.

6'1 and 130 is going to be pretty hard bro. Good luck.


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Fast forward 3 months....

Adarqui: Ok guys, I got to 145 this week, but now I'm back to 148.


So now that you're responding to my posts again you will be able to cite your source for your classification of steroids that you wouldn't before to show that you're not just a useless troll? K cool thnx.


did you died


y a nigga got to bump a nigga tho?


you actually look a bit fatter in your last pic bro, need to work on that.


Unless your a weight class athlete, which isn't someone who plays basketball, I don't understand the need to be 130 pounds...


At least you admit that your ignorance.


Sir Lulzalot is impressed


watch it


you watch it nigga