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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video


Epic Thread.


This thread is ridiculous.

OP is clearly a complete and utter retard.


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No offense op, perhaps you are serious and do want a good girl, but based off nearly every other post in this thread your mouth has done nothiong but made you look very anti-God.

Everyone has area's to work on, but I strongly suggest you focus on the way you talk and show yourself towards others if you are seriousely trying to hook up with a good christian girl(and not kill them, leaving bodies on the sides of highways).

Kinda disrescpectful/mocking if you think about it-a couple vids ago you were talking all sorts of shit and now you want a christian girl-a strong believer in God-a worshiper of God. Its hard to take you seriouse AT ALL.


lmfo hahaha I just watch the video.....hahahahaha. Id be depressed too


Wow Bushy....we need to get you over to Palestine for the peace talks...STAT


It's all the same dunk over and over and over. One from the left wing and one from the left baseline.

I also like, while all the other actual ball players are running, you're waiting to tape yourself "dunking"


No you didn't post it - because you likely cannot dunk off of one foot. You also cannot palm the basketball which limits your arsenal of "dunks" to having to lob yourself the ball so it can get above the rim in the first place.

Other than that? You're a great troll.


That's a crazy sweet offer BBB.
Adarq you should take him up on that.
This could be a very interesting experiment.


Very much appreciate this BBB. Sorry it took me so long to respond, i've been dealing with financial issues etc.

Here's a little video I made detailing my diet, if you need more info please just ask. Again, thanks so much for this offer, and consider our "beef" squashed, seriously.


If you actually can't get your weight down anymore then maybe it's a sign you need to be slightly higher? Your body has a general point where it is going to be the most explosive and usually it is at a point with an ideal amount of muscle mass. So if you added muscle to targeted areas and added like 10 pounds total but a hundred or so to your half squat it should help your vert go up. Just my .02 since i'm a jumper too


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Perfect meme