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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video


Wasn't supposed to be funny.....

Don't ever compare me to that quitter emo punk ever again, you got it?

Distance doesn't just mean "more distance the better", distance consists of specificity when speaking about transfer from lifts to the field/court. The DISTANCE I choose, is SPECIFIC to the movement I wish to improve. Good try though, do not pass go or collect $200.


You dare insult me? Nice physique and smiley face on your body, should post a RMP thread to receive positive feedback on your obvious dedication to the sport of bodybuilding.


Yes that is my ideal weight, although my physique would look alot stronger/pumped than his, because he is not meant to be at such a low weight, as compared to me, who is... He's a natural 205 lb man, i'm a naturaly 145, big difference. My bone density is optimized for higher performance, his is optimized for slow heavy lifting, he'd be good in a powerlifting event while i am good at hunting down prey/sprinting/jumping/power sports.

His dedication to his art (acting) receives my utmost respect, he's one of my favorite actors. To do what he did to his body, for a movie role, is honorable. Had he been half squatting & jumping during his transformation, he might have jumped > 40.


Why you comparing me to some jacked manlet who is built more for football than for basketball?

He doesn't dunk way better than me, we get about the same head height, he just practices tricks, I don't.


I've posted dunks off one leg AND off dribble in other videos.. Very recent video in fact, I linked it a few pages ago. I rarely do that stuff though. I prefer lobs, it's fun.



And? Lmao... I'm a fan of dimas, he's an olympic lifter, he's not a dunker. What does his squat have to do with my squat, we have chosen to be elite in two entirely different crafts.

Man people like you make no sense.


Ok I got pissed off at all of the crap you guys talk so I ranted on camera. Rant starts at 10 seconds, had to throw a dominant dunk miss in first to start the video.

Anyway, stop comparing me to frank yang. I'm not a quitter. Sure i'm depressed, but i don't quit lifting because of it, i'm not a pussy like frank yang.


shit forgot to mention in my last post where I linked the video... 405 x 1 PAUSED pin squat @ ~11min, completely controlled..

eat it haters.


You do look like you got depressed and stopped lifting since you look anorexic... And if you can tell someone they 'ain't' an olympic lifter than they can easily say you 'ain't' a balla since you don't actually seem to compete or anything. An athlete can call themselves elite based upon their standing compared to other athletes... It doesn't even seem like you actually play basketball. Still awaiting that information on testosterone too, damn it's like you can't read or something. Also your assertion that you're better built to sprint or take down prey than Christian Bale is hilarious.

PS, that pin squat was not paused, your acceleration slowed considerably because you could barely bounce past your sticking point but you never actually stopped moving the bar...



Why you comparing me to some jacked manlet who is built more for football than for basketball?

He doesn't dunk way better than me, we get about the same head height, he just practices tricks, I don't.[/quote]

For the same reason:
-He is a very short Ball player, 5ft, 9inch
-He is almost 30lbs heavier than you
-He can do tricks, you do not
-He blocked yao ming, you dont even play
How come you think he is not better than you? I only say this so you can re-consider your approach.

You didnt answer my second question, what if you cant reach your goal at 130, will you try to reach 120 or something?
For how long you think you can maintain that weight?

Im trying so hard not to think you are a troll, and personally I dont think youll make it to 130, all the stress and depression is making you "store fat"


God damnit, you're getting added as one of my "friends".


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Your face is pretty puffy for someone at that weight and you're still not lean enough to bring out your lower abs.

No wonder you're carrying fat if your eating carbs with those egg whites. You should do 2-3 hours of fasted cardio first thing in the morning or that stubborn chub is going nowhere brah


definitely getting higher/looking more explosive than before. Keep it up


x2 to the chubby face. Stop eating those damn carbs, and drop out your sodium. No gatorade or purple cool-aid either.

Its obviouse, and very basic. Loose bf/drop weight you need to drop carbs and salt/minimize water retention. Thats step one.

step two-fasted cardio like posted above. Easy 2-3hrs not including the dunking.

step three, shave the beard and head
(fade it if you wish with some cool looking lines and designs on the sides)

Might as well shave your legs too. Trying to help you out here and I think all this will get you closer to your goals. Keep the sweaters on durring the dunking and cardio.

And please, stop driving durring your recordings, and press pause on the hardcore music So we can focus on you and not the epic music/nose hairs.


Fucking lol


So in 4 months of cutting your net progress is a 1pound gain?


Step 1. Go fuck yourself.

Step 2. Repeat step 1.


Yea I know it has me pretty down about myself, lowest I got to was 148 but then I pigged out on haagen dazs. I don't really know what to do at this point, I just don't have the will power to get to 140, let alone 130.. I'm seriously considering getting liposuction, but that's going to be a pretty penny. :confused:



Thanks Stern/Davinci, although I was trying to be serious, not comical.

Thanks a ton gregron, seriously always appreciate your support. Here's a nice still for you from today's session, got up insanely nasty:

I can't upload it due to maintenance mode, so here's the url: http://i.imgur.com/VDk2t.png

On another note, i've been very depressed lately about my bodyweight. It really is bumming me out. I don't real know what to do, i'm at a crossroads. I'm lost, don't know what to do. Don't know what else to say. So anyway, I made a video for christianmingle.com, a dating site. Thought i'd share it on here because i',m sure there are some good christian woman on here who meet my standards and who find me attractive/dominant.

So I extend my offer to t-vixens in the south florida area, looking to spot me or throw me lobs, and perhaps romance if your lob game is tight.