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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video


See, that's where you're wrong. You do quarter squats. Every time you do a REAL squat, the quarter squat comes included. It's a two-fer.


See, that's where you're wrong. You do full squats. Every time you do a full squat, the quarter squat becomes neglected because of the strength curve. It's a one-fer.


Legs have been dead the last few days, way too much sex with my gf & my staph has been flaring up again, but I got to dunk in a D1 college gym, that was really fun.


You still look fat to me.


Still waitin' for your sources big fella, I mean I know it'll be difficult for your troll persona to work around but c'mon, gonna need a follow up after your internet grand standing.


Op did so well I felt compelled to make this image


double post awesomeness


uhhh... I have.. the pins make the exercise MUCH harder, ever heard of starting strength? You're a noob, go read supertraining. That slight bounce causes a reflexo-supramaximal contraction due to the plyometric nature of the exercise. Any time you experience a large amount of tension in such a brief amount of time, explosive/reactive strenth & thus RFD/starting strength improve, more significant beneficial changes to fasciae & tendon occur, along with higher activation of alpha gamma motoneurons occurs.

Think of this style of pin squatting as a depth jump with a barbell on your back, that's how the pins work. I've done depth jumps from 30" boxes with 135 lb bars on my back and ill tell you one thing, it's not fun, so that's why this method was created ~30 years ago in soviet compounds, to target this issue.

??? Can you dunk? Oh ok, didn't think so bushidobroad.


Why do you always come on here & say that? You know it bugs me, why not just keep your mouth shut. If you don't have anything good to say, DON'T SAY IT! I'm currently 148 when i completely clean out my colon, so yes, i am too fat, need to be 140 carb loaded.


Prove that it's harder. Put up another video with the same weight, going to the same depth without the pins.


I'd be more than happy to, but just like when I do requests on cam4, I need to get paid. So, if you donate to my paypal, i'd be more than happy to do the same weight without pins. PM me for paypal info.


definately a long way to go. i can still some some muscle covering your skeleton.


That's the type of response I expected from you. Well done sir.


Come on guys everybody knows how a "reflexo-supramaximal contraction" works. This guy's a genius.

Question: Do you ever play REAL basketball?

Keep up the good work.


Agarqee c'mon bro, I'm writin' a paper and I need to cite your statement about the classification of steroids, send me some primary literature. I'm sure there must be a few papers you co-authored too or something if you could set me up with some names for those as well it'd be great.


Also why is your avatar some olympic weight lifter that is clearly not 6'1 130lb/malnourished?


NO 1 cares about what you can do or CANT do. stop posting and you have over 60 vids on youtube. im guessing all of yourself? get some confidence

but i dont think you ever will since you dropped out of high school and are posting on a forum about YOURSELF. how old are you? think your still in high school dood.


1.) Your dunks suck. Ask one of those black guys in your videos to show you how to truly throw it down.

2.) Your second account is otar


C'mon bro, I need sources for your classification of steroids I'm writing a paper and I'd love to cite that. Based on your clearly extensive technical knowledge of nutrition and training I'm sure you have a few papers published yourself on this kind of thing, hit me up with those too.


Appreciate it man.

Nope, I actually hate "real basketball", boring sissified sport. I'd rather watch UFC fighting or football (NFL) any day over basketball.

Thanks alot man, will do.