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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video


In all my years here, this is the best Troll thread ever.....ever.



No calories=no digestion. Also to adarqi whether you wish to admit it or not steroids are not proteins.


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Steroids are classified as 1st degree Branched chain triglyceride amino peptides, get a clue.


Those squats made me rofl like a madman


They're actually classified as lipids with a steroid ring structure, thus the term and their fat solubility. There is a severe lack of amino groups eliminating your supposed classification of amino peptides and no branching occurs, there is no glycerol base so it cannot be any kind of glyceride.


Having goals is awesome, but the way you are going about reaching it i completely diasgree with However its still a goal. The following might help

-Droping the quarter squats and consider starting box squats
-Starting to Do hangcleans if you dont already


Why, cuz you can't do em`?


You're bouncing off of the pins at the "bottom" in the rack...for more power, let the weight settle and then proceed to lift from the pins.


C'mon man, you broke character. A good troll never breaks character, you set your troll persona up to be someone who knows everything about training and nutrition, you at least need to have your second account attack my response to you or something.


I don't have a second account, nor am I a troll. BBL TRAINING HARD WHILE PEOPLE TALK SHIT ON FORUMS.


Bouncing off the pins makes this exercise more specific to running vertical jump. Just like in an RVJ, after your last step into your plant, there is a moment of no tension, that is why we bounce of pins, to simulate that very short time interval of absolutely no tension. Plus, it makes the exercise harder.


I can understand that, howeveri, it makes the exercise easier. Anytime you provide momentum, ie bouncing, that addition is going to make the exercise easier on the way up. Also, in the future, keep your chest and your head/eyes up more. Holding your posture up higher and tighter should allow you to "squat" more weight. When you cave in/forward like you did when you failed, the weight pins you and you don't even have a fighting chance.


More specifically I'd guess you are the second account however at that point we're just entering semantics. Regardless I'm still interested in seeing your source for the classification of steroids. Realllly sounded like ya knew what you were talkin' about up there cuz, got any papers or anything to back it up? Or are you stopping because when you try to deny well known science it makes your whole troll scheme just a bit too obvious?


yes i can't do them, because i never quarter squat, i always squat atg.


Oh, so I guess you can't dunk then. Too bad, maybe you should start half/quarter squatting.


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Well, color me bored. Did you really have to make a 9 minute video of yourself doing practically the exact same dunk a million and a half times? And that last bit, are you showing off to impress some middle school students at their school? Really?