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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video




im going to have to agree with daja here. looking at your pics, you have very little bodyfat as is, and loosing 17lbs, 11.5% of your bodymass, is probably going to require muscle catabolism, and if that really is your aim, for whatever reason it is, then fasting is probably the way forward. in terms of maintaining your strength while doing so? difficult if at all possible. maintaining your vert specifically, up your cals on days you train your vert specific muscles, possibly supp with some bcaa's, maybe youll be able to catabolise other muscles while maintaining those. but tbh m8, a bodybuilding forum isnt the place to be looking for tips on how to loose muscle. gain muscle, yes, loose fat, hopefully, loosing muscle however, isnt something we here specialise in.


Stop eating regular food, switch to supplements only.


Stop eating real food, stick to dietary supplements and calorie free proteins.


nice, i see you have been making more progress with your vert,
would love to see you back at theverticalsummit , update your journal!


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How awesome would these be?


You say it like it doesn't exist... how lazy is that?


How can some of you guys take this seriously?..... the joke is ON YOU if you are answering this guys seriously and actually arguing with him.

AGAIN - to those arguing with him - you look like an idiot to anyone with a modicum of intelligence.

To the OP - Great thread , it's hilarious.


Given that the body can use proteins as energy and only can use proteins it can identify in building muscle, I suggest that there are no calorie free proteins useful for our purpose.

I ran a quick google search for calorie free proteins and came back with nothing but junk as well. So by all means, I'd love to be proven wrong as a calorie free protein would be awesome.


sigh Check your inbox...


This has gotta be one of the funniest threads on T-Nation! keep em coming guys...you're making work fly by


Listen noob, people like you disgust me. You're on a bodybuilding forum, acting like a hot shot, and you don't even know what "calorie-less proteins" are? Wtf? Get educated, he's referring to steroids/winstrol etc. Why don't you hang out on the crossfit forum for a few months while doing some bodybuilding research, then come back here and be able to hold a conversation. Furthermore, a diet rich in horse meat is far more effective than any roid cycle, so change up your diet, it's trash.


appreciate it, tvs is kind of dead unfortunately, i keep a journal on adarq site. It is there where i document my anorexia, monstrous dunking, and ATG squatting.


Finally a pic at 148, making progress towards 130. Only 18 more pounds of fat and or lean muscle/bone density to lose.

Also, I video taped my diet. This one egg meal is all I eat for the day, the rest is water, watercrest, a few strands of wheat grass, sugar free gum, eating sweat-n-low packets, benefiber, and 3 grams of liquid aminos to maintain muscle mass.

If you are interested, I also included some raw (beltless/wrapless/suitless/briefless/shirtless) PL depth squats off pins. 405 paused off pins @ 148 lb bodyweight.

Oh and here's some dunks from this week, for people who enjoy my mission to become team captain on TFB:




Did you know you pronate your left foot when you jump?


Reading this thread is a good way to kill two hours at work.


There is no such thing as calorie-less protein. Also steroids are by definition not in the protein class of molecules but are grouped among fats. Thank you for playing.


Uh, Calorie-free/Calorie-less protein is slang on the streets for anabolics. I've been in my fair share of IFBB gyms to know what the hell someone means when they use those phrases.

Also, you don't know shit bout steroids.


You are wrong, plain and simple. I'm done trying to explain and share, let the ignorant remain ignorant.