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Want to be 6'1 130, i'm 6'1 147 in this Video


here's a video of me posing:

here's a pic of the wheels:

Any hope?

thanks folks and appreciate all of the feedback.

Cringiest Youtube Lifter I Have Ever Seen



Why do you want to be 130 lbs. Can your boyfriend not lift you for intercourse ?


uh i'm not gay, not like i have anything against gays though.. why you being disrespectful man, this is a serious issue.

i want to be 130 because the lighter i get, the more my relative strength improves, but, i don't want to add muscle to become bulky like a pro bodybuilder so instead i'm just going to lose fat.





The force is strong in this one...


you guys are lame, crossfit gave me great feedback.


You do realize that you can only get so strong at your current weight and your relative strength doesn't magically increase if you are losing weight necessarily, right?

Think about it this way, if you weigh 130 and can squat 275 vs weighing 160 and squatting 375, you are much stronger 30 pounds heavier and also stronger relative to your bodyweight.


right but i want to maintain 325 x 5 half squat.. so if i get to 130 lb, from 153 lb currently, and maintain 325 x 5 half squat, that's a good 6 inches on vert for sure.


Look, you're half-way to your goal, you're already 6'1!


nice avatar nikki, do you like my machete?


Slowly backs out of thread


gulp No?


what the hell why not?


im 5'11 185lbs and can jump higher than u lol


cool, where's the vid?


Is that a hat on the curtain rail?


The Machinist 2 star right here. No training or preparation required.


DVD Cover:


do you think half squatting translates better to vert training?