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Want to Add Compound, Too Late?

This cycle is going amazing, up 15 pounds by week two. Diets on point, sleeps on point and this cycle couldnt be going any better. Strength is insane.

I have zero issues with test e it seems. I would like to mix in a second compound if still possible in the time window of this cycle. I was thinking either EQ (preferable), anavar, or maybe some deca… I just want to gain as much quality muscle as possible before I cycle off for 3 months.

Which product should I go with?

You’re two weeks in? Don’t add anything. Just keep going. Learn to manage test first. If you’re still going strong towards the end you can probably add Anavar without issue. It’s mild and won’t make e2 management any harder. Both deca and EQ need to be run for longer and you really don’t want to mess with that just yet.


Alright, what about d-bol though?

If you just keep naming additional drugs this may take a while.

I’d say avoid dbol simply because it’s an estro nightmare for some guys and if you’re towards the end of a cycle you want to finish strong rather than finishing with a ton of sides.


Ok , all good info. I appreciate it. I’ll wait till the tail end of my cycle and if everything is still good I’ll throw in some anavar. But that will be it. I’m feeling like a fat kid in a candy store so I need to chill

It’s a common occurrence. You get all hyped up and you want to keep that good thing going. The best way to approach this stuff—and frankly life in general—is to have a plan and stick to it. Remind yourself of your goals and then ask if your newest idea(s) are necessary to meet said goals. 9/10 times you don’t need to make big changes because you were smart and you made a good plan right from the start.

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Hey, I feel like that every time I order from my source. Good things my funds are limited! Dont beat yourself up over it.

How much test are you on weekly?

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Why do you want to add another compound if your having fantastic results with test only? You already know your going to cycle again so why not save other compounds for future cycles.

If your making solid progress without sides then you should stick to what your doing. What’s your current cycle dosage and PCT?

I’m doing 250mg test e twice a week. Euro chem labs brand. I’m 37 5’11. 190 pre cycle (2 weeks ago) 12%bf. I’m now 204. Same bf.

I was doing .25 anaday eod,… but after receiving advise from here I stopped and switched to 20mg nolva Ed.

I have hcg 10,000 iu’s worth. I was originally planning on using it last two weeks of cycle and then two weeks after cycle ,… but today I was going to research and see if I have enough to just cruise in it during the cycle.

I have letro for emergencies and clomid as well.

Was going to follow the standard full pct program for test e 2 weeks after last injection.

My goal is to gain as much quality size as possible and cycle off and be back to normal ASAP so I can be ready for next cycle. I also want to do this long term so I want to be healthy and smart about everything.

500/week is a good dose. If you want to do anything, I’d bump your dose to 750 and see what happens. Don’t throw an oral in there.

Very weird that you put on that much mass in the first two weeks. Do you look to be retaining a bunch of water?

@blshaw I’m looking at my smart scale data from day one of cycle. I realize it can be not very accurate, but it does show trends

Body water % went from 54.2 to 60.0
Muscle mass 82 - 85.5 %
Body fat stays at 12% from start to now
Weight from 191 to 203.5
BMI 27.4 to 29

This is just two weeks in. I’m curious if once water bloat has peaked if things should slow down in the gaining weight category?

Also, I was basically keto living for about 3 months prior to start of cycle to lower body fat and reset insulin sensitivity, once I started cycle I bumped my carbs to 40% of macro nutrients (clean diet). My body loves carbs so u can imagine the euphoric feeling of having carbs again (a lot of them too!) and my first cycle of Test E.

Thoughts, Am I progressing as expected?

First cycle so appreciate all input

Test+carbs after keto= lots of glycogen retention

@iron_yuppie Is that a good thing? Or just a lot of extra weight?

Sorry I should have read more in depth. When I switched from Keto to bulking diet I exploded too while not cycling. So that makes more sense. I doubt its much to do with the test yet.

@iron_yuppie @blshaw

Thank u for insight. I believe I read it’s week 6 when u really notice things.

I’ll stay on point with my original plan and stick to one compound mostly, still might throw in anavar towards the end, see how it effects me, depending how my research about it goes and how I feel about it. I might bump test up to 600/week in a week or two and see how that effects me as well.

I know the purpose of simple first cycle is to learn about how ur body responds to these substances, everyone is different, and to learn how to control the sides. I feel I can accomplish this with this plan.

Next cycle… holy balls… that’s gonna be Wild is all I got to say…

I plan to homebrew my gear starting next cycle as well to save money and be in more control of my gear quality, assuming I get high quality powder which my research will help assure.

Cheers brothers.

Congratulations. You’ve learned that you don’t actually need steroids to put on weight really really fast.

The test wasn’t doing shit for you the first 2 weeks. you probably just ate a bunch and drank plenty of water. which is great. but that wasn’t the gear, my man.

Anyway. Enjoy the cycle.


Well by week one I noticed my nipples started to feel bruised, wouldn’t that only happen if my test was interacting already? Serious question. I’m still learning.

Also… newb mistake but I’ll just throw it out there… I was frontloading without meaning too evidently… I was measuring by top of syringe plunger peak and not the base… I only discovered it after my first full week haha

I don’t know what size syringe you’re using, so I don’t know what this equates to.

You can start feeling early estrogenic effects from the added testosterone pretty quickly, for a few reasons. It’s the anabolic benefits that take more time. So that makes sense. Not everything happens all at once.

It’s 3cc syringe.

And oh didn’t realize that. So if anything it just tells me my gear is not fake early on haha