Want Some Tips to Lose Weight

Hey everyone!
Howz every one? I am new member to this forum, so I would like to tell u something about myself. I am 182cm tall with approximately 95-kilogram weight. I am overweight so that’s why I joined this forum so that I could shed the extra layer of fat from my body. I want some tips about what exercise I should do and above all how can I keep myself motivated towards losing weight.
Thanks in advance….

weight loss is based on diet. There’s no way around that. As far as working out goes, literally any weight lifting program will support your goal of fat loss. So pick a lifting program that involves equipment you have easy access to, and set and rep schemes you think you can adhere to. 5/3/1 is a good program. You could try that. Plenty of information on it on this website and other places.

More importantly: make better food choices, and eat less food overall. Eat a protein-centric diet. Minimize sugar intake. DO NOT center your meals around pastas, breads, rice, or any other carb. meat should be the biggest portion of your meals, followed by vegetables.


If your only goal is to lose weight, then diet is the most important thing. As for exercise, you could do 10-20 minutes of exercise a day first thing in the morning, before you have breakfast. It doesn’t really matter what exercises they are as long as they get your heart rate up. Push ups, martial arts, walking, chin ups, mobility exercises, jump rope; keep mixing them up so you don’t get bored.

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Have you been training hard recently?
If no, pick a full body template(good for leaning out as well as build a base) and go from there.
If yes, look up some specific fat loss training articles by guys like Waterbury or Alwyn Cosgrove

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Waking up early and doing cardio like jogging and running is effective or doing the cardio of same intensity in evening???

The best results I’ve ever seen included; low-intensity cardio in the AM, weights mid day, and high-intensity cardio in the PM.

However, you seem to have missed the point. You need to square your diet away. You don’t need to worry about these details at 210ish.