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Want Bigger Arms?


I've come across a lot of guys wanting to bigger arms, and here's how you can get bigger arms.


Stop doing everything BUT direct arm work to get bigger ARMS.

gg, /thread.

PS Those who do non-direct arm work and have supposedly aesthetic "huge arms", please post pics.


Well my mom has huge arms and doesn't go direct arm work, heck doesn't even workout WTF!


I feel enlighted. Thank you.


No wai!


How could I have been such a fucking idiot??? All these fucking years... god damn it!

Surely you must have spent years of research, and studying? Well god bless your soul, your discoveries shall not be wasted!


today was supposed to be an arm day or a day off. i will take this thread as a sign to get my ass to the gym.


I can count on the fingers on my right hand the amount of time i've done direct arm work.

okok, i'm bullshitting. yes, i dunno why some people think u don't need to do direct work for the muscle to grow


But what if we do direct arm work and our arms still suck? :frowning:


Do more?


Not only that, but make sure you are getting STRONGER on that arm work week after week. When you are straight up curling the 100lb DB's, and you've been eatin' like we told ya to, you'll have your big ass arms. I guarantee it.


You obviously need to do less compound work, and more direct work.


yes because the two are mutually exclusive.




Hah, I love this site!


Any tips on how to get smaller arms? My arms are out of proportion from the rest of my body, and now I just look like a freak with these tree trunks attached to a twig. I can't even fit my arms into my favorite A&F shirts anymore. Should I just skip direct arm work altogether? But won't rows still give me massive gains in these already bulging biceps? I think I'm doomed.


ha ha, newb... You must never get laid


Your right hand must make countingbeans avatar look horribly outmatched...


Not like he was gonna get laid no matter what he did...


I like how the 2009 guys don't get it.


I just found and bought a fun house mirror that gives me the proportions I desire.....saves work and frees up my time for some serious drinking.