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Want art?

Hey, folks:

new online site where I have posted some of my work. Some old, one new. I’ll be posting more this week.
I can also sell work here. I’ll be posting pieces that I will have available as prints.

Go here:

BTW: My “SMILE!” piece is already listed as a “Monthly Top Ten”! woo hoo! And there is other really excellent work on this site. Take a gander!

You’ve definitely got some real talent, Patricia!

I’m kinda partial to “Cleo”, myself.

You’re art seems to emphasize hands and hand gestures, at least to me (and God knows I’m no art critic!). I picture you as being expressive with your hands when talking to someone. Am I right?

Let’s just say that naturally, I am very animated. :slight_smile:

P – I noticed that the facial features of the “Cleo” seem very similar to your own. I kind of get this picture in my mind like that Norman Rockwell “self-portrait” where he’s looking in a mirror… Do you ever consciously use yourself as a model for your art?

“Sunday best” was ver impressive. The heavy outline was very clean and sharp. Worked well with the softer colouring.

I prefer work with very heavy black oultines as opposed to softer pictures such as “Smile” The shading on “Smile” was very good but it lacked the crisp finish that the others have. An outline offers a more finished and graphic look.

Not knocking just offrering an opinion.


It’s something that’s not concious. I think most artists, especially those in comic books, graphic novels and illustration tend to use their own facial features.

Afterall, most artists keep a mirror handy nearby. This way we can do stuff like grimmace, smile, and other various expressions as references for our work. Therefore, our own facial features become intertwined into the final piece.

very cool. You are very talented!

Thats is some nice work. I can’t draw but I still use my hands like a good artist. I do bodywork and the healing arts. I am too Hapa like you and Ko. In fact I used to post as HapaHaole.

Took a look. Nice stuff, babe!

Great work Patricia. Do you take requests?

“Formerly” Hapa: great to see you again! Get to Portland, dude. The beer’s waiting for ya.

spiderman: no offense taken. I’m glad you liked that one, since it is one of my faves. But as of right now, “SMILE!” is ahead in hits. I’m thinking that will be my first “print” to sell on this site.

Char: thank you, always.

Irondoc: Yes, I do accept “commissions”. That’s what you wanted to know, right?

I’ve got more to add this week!

Nice stuff Patricia.

You certainly have a great talent, looks great.

Yeah Patricia. I always wanted to get a print of Wolverine, the comic book character. Another idea was a picture of Kaz or the Bulgarian liter doing the 600 lb no no no squat from Ironmind.
Should I email you from the website you listed?


Certainly. My email is listed on that site and www.portfolios.com/PatriciaSmith
as well. Or you can also PM me.

Damn Patricia, you are soooo cool. Brains, dy-no-mite body, creative spirit, and on top of all that you actually like to hang out with us meatheads. Call me a sissy but I really like “Three Women with Big Hair”. Cool, very cool.

Wow. Thanks people.

My “SMILE!” is now listed at #1 in the “Month’s Top Ten”!

I’m selling prints of that. Soon to follow, “Cleo” and “3 Women with Big Hair” (poster size).