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Want a Workout to Get Me Started

Hi.Im 48 and wanting to begin working out.Was hoping someone could give me some advice on a workout i could use on a 5 day a week basis.Atm i have a bench press, dumbells and barbells.leg curls and extensions.Keen to get started. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

Well that’s not much to go on. More details might help.
What are your goals? Strength? Mass? Fat loss?
Gonna have to help us out here.

Im 178 cm.80 kg.was 92kg then i had a bowel reconstruction. Lost a lot of
muscle mass and strength.to get back into shape with an emphasis on
strenth.dont want to go massive but get strong and ripped again.i have
approx 15% body fat. Hope that helps.Thanks

There are some really great people here that are way better qualified to help you. I am a 5/3/1 fan. It took me a while to “get it” and I screw it up half the time, but with the help of these guys and gals I have made excellent progress, or at least I think I have.

Welcome !

I’m with ChickenLittle…5/3/1 is a good plan…pay Jim Wendler the $19.95 for his ebook and you’ll have workouts for life…or you could dick around piece mealing it for free…I suggest the $19.95

^ditto for me.

I’m in. I always point people to 5/3/1. It gives a lifter a great foundation.

I’m all about a great foundation.