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Want a Free Four Night Stay?


My wife and I were planning a trip to Wisconsin this December for both looking at houses for sale and to go to the Green Bay game on Christmas. So yesterday, we went ahead and bought tickets to the game and went on hotline.com and bought 4 nights in Green Bay. Well my wife this morning,(who was the one who reserved the room) realized that she reserved the hotel through Sept. 24-28 instead of Dec. 24-28. So I went ahead and called the hotel to change the reservations. Supposedly, they could only change it if Hotwire called. So I called Hotwire and no way in hell they could change the reservations either(although I gave them alot of shit for it).

So with the rooms going to waste(since we arent traveling all the way up there), anyone who wants to have a 4 night stay for free in Green Bay is more than welcome. Just pm me your info and Ill set it up.

Ps. Hotwire can go to hell. That is all


I'm a frequent Hotwire user, and I've made the same mistake before, booking the right date but on the wrong month. I called in and got them to credit me for the reservation and booked it fresh again. Call them again, and see if you can get it done. It's possible, just depends on which customer service person you get.


What the fuck man?!

Way to blow my vacation to Green Bay.


Hey, the guy paid good money. Sad to see someone take advantage of it if he could have worked around it. If it doesn't work, then you're probably in line to get it!


look dudes

this guy will be in the room waiting for whoever takes the tickets

and then there will be rape