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Want a Cycle without Test, SARMs?

I want to do a cycle without test this comes after I’m officially done with needles I had blood spay out of my shoulder twice now.dont try to convince me to just switch injection sites.i won’t listen. I was shaking to much using the other shoulder so I injected in the same place always I’m done with needles I am still getting try treatment done by a docter tho unfortunately it’s 200 mg of test every two weeks which I know is not the most beneficial I am thinking of venturing into sarms and want to know which are the least suppressive of test.

i would inject in the thigh but I hear their is a main arterie you can hit and your done.i have also thought of prohormones but I think sarms would be safer maybe.a quick reply would be appreciated I did the test for 8 weeks now I’m cruising on the trt dose should I wait a couple months before taking sarms or prohormones or can I cycle for 8 weeks maybe.also what is safer sarms or prohormones

I’m an intramuscular guy myself, but why not daily low dose sub q? Then you don’t have to worry about ‘spraying blood’. I think your fear is unmerited but I’m not here to poke fun. Seriously, pinch some skin and inject smaller doses more frequently with very small needle. Easy peasy.

I’m kinda scared now of needles isn’t sub q in the belly that kind of scares me more.i also read on here of a guy taking class 1 and class 2 oral steroids without test with success is that feasible

Sub Q is an abbreviation for subcutaneous which literally means under the skin. Yes the lower belly (below the naval) is a common area. Its easy to pinch and inject.

I dont believe you have sprayed blood from doing a simple IM injection. They only way that would spray blood is if you hit a major return artery. There are NO major arteries, veins or vessels in the quads. That is the outside portion of you leg. The same is true with your shoulders/delts.
Even if there was, think about all the times you have had lab work or donated blood, they are hitting major arteries and you are still alive.


Did you get your issues resolved with super high ALT/AST you posted about in August? IF you run Sarms you better run liver supps for protection.

I spayed blood from my shoulder

You’ve already got a TRT doc, just ask him for the creams. Throw some Anavar on top for 6-8 weeks.

My friend seen it happen in hi car and yes I did get my high alt and ast resolved

Would creams be better than a injection every two weeks I’m still comfortable with a doctor injecting every two weeks.

I have allready taken oral steroids for 7 weeks

I’d say yes.

Really levels would be more stable im guessing that’s why you say they would be better.do the creams smell bad

Also I’m prone to acne from injections would creams be a better option with not having acne

Acne isn’t from injections, it’s from inconsistent hormone levels. Cream would clear it up only because you’d be having normalized levels.

So I’ve started to notice that I’ll get bad shoulder/chest/back acne for a couple weeks here and there, but for the most part stay pretty clear skin. What’s up with that? I’m pretty anal about consistent dosing on consistent days, I go E3D right now with the very occasional 4th day injection. Thinking maybe every one in a while I’m going shallow or something? You ever heard of this?

I have done it while pinning quads once. Would have put the needle through one of the shallow veins. It only was a little spray then it stopped and oozed for a bit. I just make sure to pin between the veins now and never had it since.

I squirted a little blood all over my girlfriends kitchen floor one time pinning my ass cheek. Fun times.

Their you go it can happen

Samsies. I couldn’t believe the geyser that came out.