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Wannbebig, Still Around?

I forgot which recent thread linked to an old thread about “shut up and eat” started by PGA.

I was reading most of the thread and noticed Wannbebig and Prof X as well as others were arguing over how Wannbebig couldn’t grow.

Got me thinking, it’s been 2 yrs, is this guy still around? Did he ever put on weight? He claimed all he ever gained was fat.

I would think at some point (if you really believe everything you’re doing won’t work) why not enlist the services of a professional. Hell, at that point if I was so frustrated at all the work/effort I put into things, I’d fly out to visit someone like CT and pay them to get them to give me what will help me reach my goals (granted, I think Prof X was dead on with his advice).

just curious as to how things turned out for him.

I use to believe that I was one of those guys that just couldn’t gain anymore, till I realized I just needed to “shut up and eat”

Did you try looking up his profile?

wannbeBIG last posted 10 days ago in a “hardgainers don’t exist” type thread.

slipped my mind