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Wannabebig Gripe


When I first decided to look up internet weight training forums, I did a search for them and came across the Wannabebig forums. Man that site is total crap! There are some knowledgable people on there however the moderators are total jackasses! You cannot make a post on that site without total censorship. I am not talking about vulgar stuff eithier. I mean a post trying to help out the young guys on that site. If your thoughts or ideas do not coincide with that of the mods, then you will be deleted and or have the thread locked.

I much rather spend my time here on T-Nation. If there is something I have to say or advice I want to give then I can say what ever I please (with discretion of course)

I really feel that those assholes over there have their heads so far up their asses. Their word on weight training is gospel and that is all. Don't try and give an opinion on that site.

Rant over


Then dont go to that site.

I thought some things were common sense.


Did you ever see Bob Whelan's Natural Strength forum?

Pure Fascism.


I don't go there anymore that is why I wrote this. I did however go there recently just to see, and nothing has changed.


I actually just did the same, and in fact wbb.com was the first site I found before T-Nation.

Just take a look at this thread and you'll see what he's talking about. (they are talking about table sugar vs complex carbohyrdates and the insulin response associated with the 2 - it all starts at post #6)



Amen to wannbebig's mods (not all, but some)over using their power of censorship, especially that Tryska chick. She has a serious bug up her ass.