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WannaBe’s Last Year Of “DYEL?”

Tag me if you end up in Maine, I know most of the good spots in the southern part of the state.

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So I’ve slowly added some food and this is where I’m at now:

Meal 1: 1 cup oats 1/2c berries 1 scoop protein peanut butter

Meal 2: 225g chicken 240g rice 1/2avacado

Meal 3: 225g steak 200g sweet potato 1/2 avacado 240g rice

Pre workout: protein shake 1 bagel & cream cheese

Meal 4: 6oz salmon 240g of rice

Snacks: almonds

Basically upped the protein just a touch and have added a good bit more rice. The scale slowly started to climb but this week it went up like 3lbs lol. I’m super bloated and have like a nice watery layer everywhere. Due to life and me messing up meal prep a couple times I’ve eaten out for one meal about 3 times this week. Kept it healthyish, and ate a lot because I’d rather gain than lose but damn :joy: I gotta clean it up!! My truck partner has also been bringing health conscious snacks like yogurt covered pretzels :joy: been smashing those too :grimacing:

Woke up at 208 this morning. Just look fatter, not more muscley lol.

Also got word that if we do head out of town it’ll be Tuesday, so that gives me a couple more gym sessions.

If o go the plan is to being 5 days worth of meals (longest they’ll last) then have a back pack full of protein bars, rice, protein shakes and some other things to just make sure I get in the protein and calories.