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WannaBe’s Last Year Of “DYEL?”

Fully agree with the message you conveyed, regardless of mental illness. Just thought it might help with your frustration

The frustration is less directed at him in that particular post, and more so an aggressive warning to anyone that thinks his method is intelligent that it so, SO isn’t.

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When doing this one has to prevent his elbows from flaring out at all cost. Maybe try some overhead rope extensions? It took me some time to feel it that way as well.

Also, nice meat you have on your back!

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It probably is the elbows. I looked up some Meadows tricep exercises and he does one standing, but leaned over cable pull over thing. I think I can do that one! So I shall try. Also, thanks for admiring my back meat :kissing_heart:

Shoulders tits and biceps

Had really bad storms last night, didn’t get called out due to our crew being on quarantineish type thing (last day today) and stayed up till 2:30am worrying my house was gonna get crushed by the trees that were falling all around me :face_with_hand_over_mouth: so, that’s my excuse

Seated dumbbell OHP
75’s x 7.9531 FUUUUUCKKK!!!
75’s x 7
60’s x idk
60’s x idk
I wanted that 8th rep so bad I could taste it. I held it steady at almost lockout for probably 20 seconds fighting as hard as I could while looking at myself in the mirror telling my weak bitch ass body to get the damn weight up. Still short. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::man_facepalming:

Uni plate loaded incline press
First time using this and I didn’t know how much weight I could do so I spent an eternity working up to a work set lol
145lbs per handle x 6
135lbs per handle x 6
Final burn out set with 2 plates per side
It doesn’t look like much but there were so many work up sets lol. I started with a 25 on each side and increased very little till I got to those :joy:
Also, idk of this machine makes inclines easier or what, but I was surprised how much weight I was moving. Haven’t touched a barbell or done any incline work in so long I don’t even know where I’m at. Figured these might help with OHP.

Seated DB reverse flys
4 sets to failure using 20’s
These felt really good today

Seated machine OHP
4 sets neutral grip to failure at 100lbs on stack

Vertical cable rows focusing on shoulders
3 sets to failure at 100lbs on the stack

Cable flys
Like 5 sets to failure or something wild. Really went for it on these.

Cable lateral raises
Just a couple sets. Shoulders didn’t like, which I knew lol

Reverse pec dec machine
4 sets to failure at 100lbs on the stack

DB lateral raises
Worked up to 4 sets to failure using using 30’s then a final drop set back down. Owwww

Band pull a parts to failure

V bar cable curls at 110lbs on the stack
Few sets to failure

1 set of close grip pull up things focusing on biceps

EZcurl bar curls at 50lbs keeping it close to my body
3 sets

Dumbbell hammerncurls
4 sets to failure using 30’s

I think I did a couple more things but I can’t even remember at this point.

I’m also going to throw a party when I hit that 8th rep on seated OHP :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

Time for fuellllll

I forget, did you ever try PJR Pullovers for an overhead tricep move? They are hard to mess up.

No sir I have not. I believe I have been recommended it before, but failed to actually try it. I shall do my best to give it a go! I really want me some arms. My arms haven’t moved the tape measure since I started working out. The composition has greatly increased 20fold, but alas the size eludes me. I’ve complained about it before and received advice and haven’t implemented all of it, but I have some and will continue to do so.

So thank you!

Good morrow good sir!

It’s tough to take advices because there so many moves to work through and try out to find what works for you. So no pressure and no hard feelings! I resisted trying the PJRs for a year or two myself, even though my bros were raving about them. I’ve never, ever been able to do “French Presses” or extensions over-head, or whatever you call them, and these worked first try.

Endeavor to Persevere!

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Sweet! I’ll definitely give it a whirl. Any rep range you shoot for? I’m a big fan of taking things to failure , cool to do on these too?

Edit: also, what is it that makes the over head / full stretch stuff so desired? Just full range of motion for the muscle being worked? Only way to get that ROM?

10-15 reps I guess is pretty cool? Failure works great when you’re building muscles and using isolation moves. Just be like 5% cautious with new moves.

Yes, I think you’re right about about the full ROM, and that overhead position being great for getting that piece of the triceps working.

Then once you can “connect” and “feel” with that part of your arm working in that overhead/stretched position you can actually start to train it. After that you should be able to load that tissue up, and you’ll feel that long head working more in all tricep related moves.

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Sweet man! And yes I agree on not going all out on new moves. Any time I try something new it’s relatively light, like zero struggle, and never taken to failure. I find it’s easier to learn the movement and get the mind muscle connection. I shall give it a whirl.

Well. Hello gym, been a hot minute! We have been working nonstop since hurricane zeta came through. Been working 16 hour shifts and then yesterday worked a 24 hour shift. Was supposed to get 8 hours of rest then come back in, but for some reason they are giving us a break and told us to be back at 6am, so I hit the gym!

Did a back and tricep day. Typical workout I’ve been doing, only difference was intensity was down a touch and weights used were down a touch. Been working really hard, not sleeping much, and eating like total garbage so all of this was expected, but still sad. Either way, glad to get a workout in.
I think tomorrow we are traveling East to help out, so I’m not sure when I’ll get to workout again, but very much looking forward to it.

A second vote for PJR Pullovers here. Have never had the long head of my triceps as sore as the first time I did those, and there’s a quick learning curve - just be really bad at doing dumbbell Pullovers and you’ll pretty much land right where you need to be. It’s also got a great resistance curve - most work is done lengthened, easiest part is shortened, and you can handle a decent amount of weight.

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I plan to give the PJR’s an honest shot. I didn’t tonight as I was just mentally and physically exhausted and the section of the gym I needed was extremely packed.

I did however, try some over head tricep pull overs using a cable. Set the cable all the way up, used rope attatchment and would turn around and stager my feet to keep from falling back, leaned my torso over and tried to get a deep stretch and strong contraction. Spent a little bit using light weight trying to get a good mind muscle connection making tweaks to what felt better. Did a few sets at 100lbs on the stack. I honestly can’t tell a single difference from these and doing conventional tricep push down. The stretch feels exactly the same, and the contraction even feels a little better conventional.
Idk if I’m doing things wrong, ignorant to the muscles used, or what. But like I said, still gonna try some PJR’s. Everything is growing except my arms, some I’m doing something wrong.

Got to work, told us we weren’t going out of town and were even getting off work on time!!

Shoulders tits and bis

Seated DB OHP
Did 3 sets using 70’s. Thought I’d be weak so didn’t use the 75’s, 70’s felt normal though so that’s good

Incline hammer press
3 sets using 2 45’s per side

Seated uni cable OHP
3 sets at 110lbs

Seated OHP machine
4 sets at 60, higher reps

Decline hammer machine
Worked in with a guy for 3 sets. I think 80lbs per handle

Rear delt pec dec
4 sets to failure at 110

Face pulls
3 sets

Rear delt dB flys
3 sets

Lateral raises
4 sets

V bar cable curls
4 sets

Single arm preacher curl machine
3 sets

Pronated tiny elbow muscle curls
3 sets

Dumbbell curls
3 sets

Was in a rush today and only had about 50 minutes to get it done. Felt good to keeeo the heart rate up

Back and tris day

Uni lat pull down
Worked up to 2 sets at 175 or 190, can’t remember :man_facepalming:, than 2 drop sets

Seated uni cable rows
2 sets at 175 then 2 drop sets

Seated uni hammer pull down machine
4 sets with 145lbs of plates per handle

Seated chest supported uni rows
Pronated - 4 sets with 115lbs plates per handle
Neutral - 4 sets with 90lbs of plates

Rear delt DB flys
3 sets to failure

Reverse pec dec
3 sets to failure at 110lbs on the stack

Dips - these are still down after my week of hell at work :frowning: idk if it’s the added weight or just loss of strength or a little bit of both
Then 3 sets going down as slow as possible

Seated dip/push down machine
3 sets to failure at 235lbs on the stack

PJR pull overs
1 set both hands and 1 set single handed. Idk about these. Just need to do more and evaluate.

Tricep cable push downs
Ropes to failure at 110lbs
Straight bar up to 140lbs then down to 110lbs

Shoulders tits and biceps

Pretty rough day in the gym. Just felt bleh and my right wrist was killing me, idk if I tweaked it or it’s the weather or what. Kinda out a dampener on everything but I got it done. Also magically down a good bit of weight, so that’s odd.

Got in about 8 miles on the MTB today, short ride but high intensity. First time at these new trails and noticed on Strava I was ranked like 56th or something on this small downhill section, so hit it one more time and got 7th all time :joy:. Newer trails so only out of a touch over 400 riders, but felt good. Definitely had the heart working hard.


Had a killer back day yesterday. Today was pretty crappy. Long day at work and just really didn’t want to workout and it showed. Also went to a different gym tonight and hated it. I’ve cleaned up my diet, but haven’t made up the lost calories from ditching the junk yet, I think that has something to do with it. Need to get back in that sweet spot where weight is steady and lifts are progressing again. Or lose weight and be committed to a little drop in performance. I’m having trouble making up my mind on that one.

Also getting tired of logging my workouts. It’s the same crap, and not that thorough anyways. It was more fun to log when using a barbell for a lot of lifts as tracking progress was easier/funnnnerer.

It never made sense to me that bikes for men had the high cross bar and for women it had the low one. I see in modern times they have fixed this. :smiley:

I used to mountain bike as kid. Tons of fun.

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So I recently got frustrated with seated DB OHP and went back to standing BB OHP. First time this year I believe. Weak. As. Piss. Using 75lb dumbbells, you’d think I could still BB OHP a decent amount. Nope. Not even hitting 10 reps with 135. Makes me want to cry.