WannaBe’s Last Year Of “DYEL?”

I haven’t done a single thing to try and get stronger at OHP other than simply adding weight when I reach my top set rep goal on the actual OHP itself. I know at some point I’ll have to start attacking weak points to progress though. I’m not really looking forward to that lol I’ve really simplified my training as of late and it’s been nice. There’s a bunch of small things I’d love to add but haven’t in the name of time and keeping intensity high.


Great idea, its needed every now and again!

The pin presses i mentioned did wonders for me, I would just start at a plate, hit a triple. Then keep adding weight until I couldn’t get a triple.


When the time comes I shall definitely try this!
I think I’d benefit the most from tricep work. I literally don’t even have a tricep muscle. It’s very sad.

You have a good ohp and are hitting weighted dips…you have something there buddy!

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Strong tendons :joy: 16” arm crew here bud lol

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Decent back day. Told a girl I’d been on a few dates with I no longer wanted to pursue anything with her. I knew I was going to do it so my mood was already low, just got lower after I told her. She was a good spirit about it so hopefully she’s not upset or hurt. Sucks mane


Chest supported rows
290 x 8
290 x 9
245 x 10

Chest supported cable lat rows single hand)
205 x 10 (each side)
205 x 11 (each side)
205 x 10 (each side)

Iso lat pull down machine
205 x 10
205 x 12

Rear delt DB rows
30’s x 19
30’s x 20
30’ x 30

Chest supported T bar rows
65 x 10
65 x 10

Seated bicep cable machine
80 x 12
80 x 15
80 x 16

Ezcurl bar curls
70 x 12
70 x 10

Dumbbell hammer curls alternating
25’s x 20 (total)
25’s x 22 (total)
25’s x 24 (total)


Where are all the MUs you have promised?

I’m not ready to film them yet, only up to 6 right now. Still working.

If you are already up to 6 consecutive reps, that’s pretty impressive.

I’m lying lol I was gonna attempt some yesterday after the gym but I was just wiped out. I’m still sitting at zero

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That’s why I wrote “if” to start my post, as I suspected you were full of shit lol. Plus you surely would have logged them and rubbed my nose in it.

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Oh yea, I’ll be posting in like 4 logs when I finally get the hang of them :joy::joy:


What is a MU?

Muscle ups

I think I am strong enough, but I don’t know if I can do one of these. I’d probably hurt my elbow trying lol. It’s kinda a technique thing, right? I’ve heard if you can do 10+ pullups, that a muscle up is possible if you figure it out.

I’ve tried them a couple times before watching the for videos. It seems to favor skill more than strength. Of course I haven’t done one yet so I could be wrong. I was extremely close while just trying to rip my body over the bar, I’m thinking once I get the technique down I’ll be alright.
The problem is ole @Cyrrex here is doing them strict lol

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I would say that you have to have a basic minimum of strength, but then it takes technique and timing to figure out how to get over the bar. Making them strict will require more of both strength and skill.

Once you figure them out, I think of them more of a power move, the anatomical opposite of a Clean and Press.

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Leg day! Not much going on but I gave it all I had on this day and limped to my truck, so I’d say it was successful

Seated leg curl machine
160 x 11
160 x 11
150 x 11

Hack squat
375 x 10
465 x 8
465 x 8
285 x 21 (non stop/no hard lockout reps) ma lungssss 🫁

Lying leg curl
160 x 11
160 x 11

Seated/standing SS calf raises
2 supersets to failure

Leg extensions
1 high rep set to failure lol




Active rest day!

Went hiking with the kids in a place that had abandoned mines. Couldn’t get in them but it was a super cool piece of history that played a big part in making a name for my city. 120+ years old!

Then we played hide and seek tag which turned into just normal tag.
Then we played a game where you threw a ball and if you dropped it you had to do 5 push-ups lol eventually kicked it down to 3 for the kids and then ultimately handing out free passes before it was over :joy:

Gonna probably do an arm day tomorrow instead of hitting shoulders. We shall see.


I wish I could ride just adding weight on ohp all the way to 180 for reps lol. Killin it man.

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