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WannaBe’s Last Year Of “DYEL?”

If every workout was like this I’d be jacked AF and so broken down lol absolutely destroyed my shoulders today. Very very good workout

After the first set of lateral raises my shoulders were shot. It hurt to even hold the weight of my arm up :joy:

Seated chest press
247.5 x 10
210 x 14

Cable flys
65 x 11
50 x 14

Incline iso hammer
105 x 7
80 x 10

Dumbbell lateral raise
35 x 26 Owwwwwwww
30 x 15

Iso hammer OHP
100 x 11
80 x 14

Rear delt dB flys
25 x 27
25 x 25
25 x 16

Pec deck SS tricep V bar push downs SS machine lateral raises

Peck dec
265 x 11
265 x 10

V bar push downs
150 x 14
160 x 12

Standing machine lateral raises
140 x 12
120 x 14


Why? Just why? That sounds brutal

It’s a lot. And it hurts so bad. The pain starts setting in around rep 15 and it’s a fight to keep going lol. Around 20 it’s basically impossible to breathe. I moved up to 40’s last week but it was just too much weight and I feel did more harm then good, so I’ll stay here for a while.

Great back day! Definitely going to make some sidewalks crack at some point in the not so distant future

255 x 12
225 x 17

Prime pull downs
275 x 9
225 x

Prime rows
290 x 9
235 x 12

Seated single arm cable rows
230 x 12
190 x 15

Seated bicep machine
100 x 13
100 x 16

T-bar rows SS alt DB curls / Pull overs

105lb t-bar - 27.5’s (DB) - p/o’s (80lb)
105 x 11
105 x 8


Welp. Another call week is here. Started off yesterday with a pretty rough 24hoir shift followed by 3 hours of broken sleep. Woke up, ate, and hit the gym :joy:

Not a fan of call weeks. It signifies a weeks worth of poor nutrition, zero recovery, and pieced together lack luster exercises.

Today was leg day! Had to cut it short due to my not being able to recover between sets. I couldn’t get my heart rate to come down, which didn’t feel healthy at all so I called it.

Seated leg curl
160 x 14
140 x 16

Hack squat
465 x 10
465 x 10
465 x 6

Lying leg curls
175 x 15

Seated calf raises SS standing calf raises


How high are we talking here?

I don’t monitor it so I really don’t know. But high enough to know I wasn’t “recovering” between sets. Nothing crazy though, it wasn’t like pegged out, just elevated. My heart rate normally drops pretty fast between sets. My sleep hasn’t been great lately and the 24 hour straight work shift then 3 hours of broken sleep + caffeine wasn’t doing me any favors. I’m sure I’d have been fine but there’s no sense in it. I still got in some quality work, just not a lot.

What’s funny is it’s 1:30am and I’ve been back at work for a while lol. Call weeks aren’t good for gym time

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Ended up working till 8 last night, then got called again at 2am, got off at 7am and went to grocery store for meal prep, came home, got ready for the gym and then accidentally laid down. Woke up an hour later and hit the gym only to get called out 10 minutes in. It was a quick problem to solve and was able to get back to the gym a couple hours later and finish this bro day


Rope push downs

135 x 11
95 x 18

Face away cable curls
65 x 9 -this was the end of my first trip to the gym lol. When o came back I redid one set of rope push downs and one set of cable curls #extravolume #twoadays :joy:
45 x 16

Dip machine
272.5 x 21
272.5 x 15

Ezcurl bar curls
80 x 12
70 x 15

Single underhand cable extensions
50 x 14

Seated cable curl machine
110 x 14

Lying skull crushers
90 x 12

Pinwheel curls
30 x 36 total alternating reps

Dips / SS alt dB curls (27.5’s)



Considering the long hours, lack of sleep, and sketchy nutrition I’d say this workout was a success, might feel like I was hit by a bus, but didn’t go backward so I’ll take it.

Seated chest press
247.5 x 10
215 x 13

Cable flys
65 x 12
50 x 13

Incline iso hammer
105 x 7
80 x 10

Dumbbell lateral raises
35 x 27
30 x 16

Iso hammer OHP
105 x 11
80 x 14

Dumbbell rear delt flys
25 x 21
25 x 23
25 x 25

Pec deck SS tricep V bar push downs SS machine lateral raises

Pec deck
265 x 10
265 x 10

Vbar push downs
160 x 13
160 x 13

Standing machine lateral raises
140 x 12
120 x 13


Worked all day yesterday but got a half ass back day in today.

I decided to break up with my GF today and told her, so that’s been a mental fuck. She lives with me too so that makes it more interesting.

Tired, sad, scared and worried I made the wrong choice.

sorry to read this. better days ahead. be well.

I hope so. I wasn’t happy and we had tried to fix our issues. Of course once I said enough is enough I’m throwing in the towel I have all these second thoughts. Need me a crystal ball

I think in the long run you have made the right decision. Deciding to do nothing is rarely ever the best option. I salute you for your courage and integrity and wish you the best mate.

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Thanks man. Just wish I could fast forward through this part, or Atleast find peace in my decision. She definitely doesn’t want to break up so it’s tough.

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This probably doesn’t make you feel a whole lot better, but according to behavioural science, a lot of ppl are loss averse and fall for status quo bias, staying in unhappy relationships when they’d be better off leaving.

You put in the work. It didn’t work out. I think you made the right decision

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Thanks for the kind words Anna!

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Sorry to hear this, man. I’d thought things were going well, minus her aversion to working out, haha. Hope you find peace with your decision and can move on. Your kids gonna be affected or not so much?

It was a constant roller coaster. I’d slowly get more down and more down then it would all come out and I’d tell her then it would be golden for 48 hours. Rinse and repeat. My kids will be crushed. They loved her. Really sucks man. Her family was great too. Literally everything except her and I was what dreams were made of lol

Sorry to hear that mate.

I have no idea how rough that is considering you live together. You reckon that the issues you’ve had have been made worse by constantly seeing her and not having your own space or thats irrelevant?

I don’t think so. I’m not one of those people who needs “space” often. I actually can’t think of a time when I felt like that. #clingy :man_shrugging: