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WannaBe’s Last Year Of “DYEL?”

Welp. Done squatting for a while. Told my coach no more till I figure this out. Now it’s effecting me during the day pretty bad, not just working out. Gonna continue with the leg raises while I seek professional help.

Seated leg curl

160 x 12

135 x 17 + partials at failure

Hack squat
495 x 10
Following 3 sets have 20 sec rest
445 x 6 445 x 6 375 x 6

Lying leg curl
170 x 13

315 x 10
325 x 10
315 x 9

Back squat
135 x 10
225 x 9
3rd set = nope!

Standing calf raises
90 x 26
135 x 16
90 x 19


Really good tits and shoulder workout. Now rushing home to shower and go to thirsty Thursday’s (minor league ball game). Might have one beer. Idk yet

Seated chest press
245 x 10
210 x 13

Cable flys
65 x 11
50 x 13

Incline iso hammer
100/handle x 8
80 x 12

Dumbbell lateral raises
40 x 16
30 x 24

Iso hammer OHP
90 x 13
77.5 x 11

Rear delt dB raises

25’s x 25
25’s x 24
25’s x 22

Pec deck SS tricep machine (prime) SS machine lateral raises
260 x 12
260 x 10

Prime push downs
100 x 14
100 x 12

Standing machine lateral raises
140 x 16
120 x 18


2 coors light and a bratwurst. Not too bad for the self control.


Decent back and bi day. Elbows are officially trashed, so that’s exciting.

250 x 12
215 x 18

Prime pull downs
275 x 10
225 x 11

Prime rows
280 x 11
235 x 12

Seated single arm cable rows
225 x 10
190 x 15

Single arm dumbbell preacher curl
40 x R-7 L-8 R-7
35 x R-9 L- forgot to count lol

T-bar rows SS alt DB curls / Pull overs
105lb t-bar - 27.5’s (DB) - p/o’s (80lb)
105 x 10
105 x 7



You must be hung like a whale.


*second smallest body part :joy:


We have added more carbs!! Very excited to start pushing the calories and start to really grow!


which ones?

More rice with meals, pre-intra-post carbs got increased as well.


Nice! I have just started to increase as well. Feels awesome after dieting since January. Have def felt better in the gym and looking fuller. I’m going back up closer to maintinance now and will be in surplus by mid September. Then it’s on!!

Yea man I’m excited. It’s been tough not stuffing my face lol. It’s really weird, I spend most of the day really hungry and the night really full. Now I’ll be less hungry during the day and very uncomfortable at night :joy: I just wanna grow!


Have you mentioned this to the coach?
He might be able to substitute foods (with same macro’s) so you eat more satiating foods during the day and more calorie dense foods at night.

Oh yea, he knows. It’s not super bad though, just tough eating 3 times once I get home from the gym around 7:30 lol

Bro day aka armzzz

Made a couple exercise changes for a little better elbow feelz. Swapped preacher curl for preacher curl machine, it was better but next arm day I’ll swap to another bicep machine that I love, just forgot about it today.

Rope push downs
130 x 12
95 x 17

Face away cable curls
60 x 10
45 x 14

Dip machine
272.5 x 15
265 x 15

EZcurk bar curls
80 x 12
70 x 13

Single underhand cable extensions
55 x 10

Preacher curl machine (prime)
45 x 13

Lying skull crushers ezcurl bar
90 x 9

Pinwheel curls
27.5’s x 40 (total alternating curls)

Dips / SS alt dB curls (27.5’s)



Well if your elbow’s bugging you, drop the skullcrushers for sure, and I would even argue to drop the EZ bar for a while and stick to cables and DBs

Yea I might. Kinda doing a process of elimination.

I’ve done more volume consistently, so it’s not volume. I’ve done 90% of the exercises routinely with no issues prior… the thing that is new is 1. Doing biceps with back and triceps with chest. @flappinit hooked me up a while back with the nugget of wisdom to do back and triceps and chest and biceps, and my elbows never felt healthier. 2. Preacher curls (DB and ezcurl) are new movements.

So, I’m hoping it’s the preachers putting a ton of stress on my elbows. Time will tell. I may have to make a lot of changes but I’m hoping working those out of rotation will help greatly.


This has also been great for my joints. I use less weight but whatever if they still grow. Anyway you’re still doing, what I think is a good thing, of doing skullcrushers and more irritative exercises in second or third (like Meadows recommend). I do it all the time now as well

I think I worded that wrong. I WAS doing biceps with chest and triceps with back. Now doing it the concentional way per coach

I think you worded it right, it’s just easy to mix it up when reading it. @aldebaran I’ve been a big fan of the bis/chest and tris/back work sets for a while - you get a crazy pump in the arms, and your elbows feel super healthy as you’re hitting stuff from both side each time. Curls before bench, tricep extensions after rows/pullups, etc. Then you get the added bro-nefit of getting your arms hit twice, since the bis are obviously working with the back and the tris with the chest.


Just had my first deep tissue massage. Hurt so good, already got another booked.