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WannaBe’s Last Year Of “DYEL?”

Got called out and worked most of the day, but made time for gym!

Back triceps and legs today

Back was good today! Moved the cable rows up to 220 today. Gonna have to use my paper towel trick to aid in grip from here on out with these. I just can’t hold on lol

Chest supported rows were sexy as well.

Triceps went good! Also saw a guy using an incline bench at the cable stack with the rope attachment doing skull crusher thingies. Dude was HUGE and these looked like they had enough wiggle room to maybe do something. Gonna try them at the home gym before to see what they’re all about!

FINALLY seeing the scale start to creep up. I’ve been slooowly upping the calories the last few weeks and I’ve seen zero movement. Last few days I’ve added some junk calories (I know I know…) but it’s working.

I did some leg press today and had the weirdest sensation. It’s like I could feel my main big quad muscle (idk the name) getting bigger. It was such a unique sensation I’ve never felt before. Knowing my luck it was my quad tearing :joy:


@flappinit, I saw you reacted to my post about how my arms are arranged into my workout. I started to tag you as the member who told me, but erased it.

  1. Didn’t know if you wanted to be dragged into that forum, and 2. I was ashamed I let myself get drug back in :joy:. But that tip from you is working! I greatly appreciate it! Don’t want you to think I’m not giving credit where credit is due is all lol

Hahaha, why, because I invented that? (I didn’t)

Virtually everything I know I learned from others, anything I figured out for myself was figured out by someone else before me, and I have no intellectual rights to anything. This is first and foremost a community for sharing knowledge, and the reason for my like was only to show that I was happy that you’d heard my advice, and flattered that you’d applied it.

You don’t ever need to tag me to give credit - it was never mine in the first place.

Furthermore, I’ve been putzing around for a few weeks anyhow and now I kind of want to write out a program for myself involving that after you reminded me of it, so I could be thanking you too.

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I’m excited to see what you come up with! I probably need to start following a real workout lol but nothing speaks to me. I know that’s not the greatest reason to not try them, but I already don’t want to workout so I need something I’m excited about :joy:

What’s this a proven arms training tip, do tell! (Don’t make me go back into that forum!)

I pretty much do a PPL split but now on push day I work biceps and on pull day I work triceps

I might be addicted to working out

Hell in December I went to another gym a couple times too :joy:


I love a nice graph. In a couple more months we’ll be able to see your Optimal number of workouts per month.


This made me laugh :joy:. Yes, maybe we will. Right now I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels.

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It’s kind of a joke, and kind of for real. Every clown says “optimal” without knowing what it means these days. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t such a thing.

8 times with the weights in a month is probably a little too minimal. I imagine you could make a little more progress lifting more than twice a week.

And 24 workouts a month is probably a little too maximal. You could probably recover a little better and make more progress lifting a little less.

Somewhere in the middle is probably just right. If you do what comes natural for a couple months we’ll be able to look at the graph and find the answers.

That’s when I joined this gym. I spent everyday that month I was a member working out lol prior to that I was working out everyday, just didn’t have a fancy app to track it

I normally workout 5-6 days a week. Sometimes 7 but life usually fucks me somehow. I plan for 7 and let life decide when i can’t go.

Fawking eeppppiiiiicccccc back day

Chest supported iso row PR! Got TWO working sets at THREE plates per side!!! Felt so good.

Was in a rush and only did a couple tricep things but surprisingly they felt more worked than they ever had. I really focused on quality since I didn’t have time for quantity. Very nice.

Just ate an anabolic dinner and not drinking a beer watching the game.


Well I did it.


Really didn’t want to, but from now on I’m going back to a real PPL split. Gonna abandon the PPPPPPPPPP…etc split.

Warmed up and got a great pump on leg curl, leg extension, and a full session on seated calf raises.

Somehow managed to tweak a muscle in my back doing leg presses. Did 2 sets to failure at 315 then 2 working sets to failure at 325. Nothing fancy or impressive lol

Finished with leg curls and leg extensions and a few more calf raises.

Also did 3 sets of slow leg raises (torso straight using one of those fancy arm rests on the dip station) irk what these are called but 3 to failure is FOR SURE going to show its self in the form of a cramp mid sex or mid work with something important going on :joy:

Also did some hanging scrap raises because #health. I’ll also be adding some LISS into leg day, but today I’m in a time crunch.


Good tits shoulders and bicep workout

Seated DB OHP felt good.
Did 75’s x 9, held at the top and contemplated going for the magic number 10 and decided to not try. It was iffy and I wanna make sure I be readyyy.
Last couple sets with 70’s

Seated iso hammer chest press (slight incline)
Couple sets with 2 plates a side. Really bothered my wrists today (goofed up slinging a 75db).

Seated side delt raise machine
4 sets with the last being a drop set

Seated cable iso chest press - 3 sets to failure at 205lbs I think

Reverse pec deck machine
5 or 6 sets

Laying DB Y raises superset with seated lateral raises. Owww

V bar cable curls
4 sets to absolute failure at 110lbs

Single arm cable curls
3 sets to failure

Single arm tiny elbow muscle curlzz 2 sets to failure

Alternating dumbbell curls
3 sets till I wanted to cry then a static hold till I maybe did cry.

Chest and shoulder workouts are getting a lot simpler now. I’ve noticed my front delts are growing waaaaay faster than the rear of the delt so I’ve cut out a good bit of OHP moves.

Back still has a giant knot in it. Tried to rub it out with no luck. Need a baseball to roll around on.


Good back and tricep day

Kinda weak on the pull downs

Super strong on the cable rows (235lbs)

Chest supported rows were ok. Kept it at 125lbs per handle first few working sets.

Elbows not happy with me today, crazy weather. Snowed yesterday, sweated today :man_shrugging:

Now to go eat some gainzzzzzzzzzzz


Quick leg day as I had to go get my kids.
Took the leg press machine up to 385 today. Used some of flaps techniques and did some slow negatives. Pretty wild.

Bruh, you gotta get some sweet gym gloves.

Hell no. I refuse to be that guy :joy:. It’s my biggest gripe about this place. Everything is rubber coated and makes straps impossible.
The paper towel trick is working nicely and it’s actually keeping my callouses to a normal level. I was having to cut them weekly

lol I try my very best not to judge people at the gym but that one gets me every time. Some dude was wearing thin plastic gloves during covid, really didn’t understand how he thought those would help anything.

When I lifted at a big box gym a few years ago I did the paper towel trick on deadlifts, helped a ton. They allow chalk in there? What kind of straps you use? Could pre-chalk your straps, might work.

I can’t remember the name of the straps I have but they are just normal. It just hit me figure 8’s might work!

I have chalk in my gym but wouldn’t want to bring it to a commercial gym, be messy. My buddy I used to shoot guns with competitively used to make this mixture for us that was like nitro glycerine and chalk or something. Super tacky and dried your hands quick. I’ve thought about trying thag