WannaBe’s Last Year Of “DYEL?”

Gonna start a new training journal to help motivate me to fill it up with goodness.

Been off the rails since December 30th 2019 lol no working out, no eating right, nothing.
Been trying to get back but have routinely failed due to my own laziness and will power. So now, I’m gonna take baby steps. Instead of trying to get everything perfect right off the bat I’ll just start by atleast making it In to the gym. Once I get that down pat I’ll work on meal prepping and so on. I know that makes no sense and I’m mentally weak AF but idgaf. :joy:

Sitting about 210lbs right now. At my peak I got up to ~180lbs LBM (dexa) at around 210 if I remover correctly. I’d love to get back to that at a lot lower over all BW. Looking at pictures it looks like the biggest body parts hit during the long break was my legs and back, which was honestly the only part of my body where anyone would be like… “hey, is there a chance you USED to workout a long time ago?” :joy:. Just a big ole tub of goo right now.

Gonna start a PPL again and shoot for 3 days a week in the gym MINIMUM.

Had a great workout today. Decided to do a pull day starting out.

Pull ups - 2 sets to failure
Rope lat pull downs
Wide grip bar lat pull downs
BOR’s - 4 sets of 10ish reps at 195lbs
Cable face pulls
Laying reverse DB flys
Dumbbell curls
Cable curls
Spider curls
Hammer curls

My GF has a gym membership so I think the plan is to go try her gym out tomorrow for a push day. Idk if we will start going there or not but the home gym is lonely lol

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Had another pretty good workout today. Staying true to my word so far about working out and straightening up the diet after I get this gym consistency down, I sat on the couch for almost an hour sobering up from brewery hopping today before I hit the gym :joy:

Seated back supported BB OHP
4 sets of 10 at 105, pretty easy up until the last few reps of the last set. I’ll go up 10lbs next push day.

Incline bench press - 3 sets of 5 at 195. Could have squeezed out a couple more of a last set but called it here.

Seated with NO back support DB OHP 3 sets to failure using 45’s. Having no back support really made these feel totally different than normal. Idk how I feel about them yet.

Sum dem der dumbbell lateral raises - few sets until I wanted to die

Den sum tricep cable push downs.

Then got called out to work From a storm that came through earlier. :man_facepalming:

So ended up going to the lake and spending all day there drinking so skipped a workout. Back in the gym today though! Just meal prepped with the help of my girlfriend! Got some bad ass veggies and taters and cooked a while chicken.

back/bi’s and legs today!

Pull ups - these were extra hard today.
Wide grip lat pull downs, last set being a drop set. Really felt it today and focused on really working the full ROM.

BOR’s few sets of 195, took it up to 12 reps this time. Next pull day I’ll go up in weight.

Seated cable rows - really focusing on full ROM making every rep count

Band face pulls - found a new way to do them and it’s got my rear delts on absolute FIRE!

Cable curls with EZbar attachment - doingnthe contraction phase of the movement as absolutely as fast as I can with max efffort and lowering very slow. Feels so damn good.

EZbar curls, slightly different grip than the cable one. Did some lower rep sets at 85lbs focusing on being as strict as possible and going nice and slow.

Dumbbells curls. Starting at 25’s and working down.

Gonna rest for a bit and then hit legs hard.

Long day at work and helped my girlfriend study for a final tomorrow so got home late. Also got my start time at work moved up to 5:30 tomorrow and will be climbing. So I decided to do legs lol

Quick leg pump

Squats- 5 sets of 10 at 135lbs
Light, I know. But first time really training legs in a loooong time so taking it slow. I feel this will be plenty to have trouble walking.

Seated calf raises - just, a lot. Lol

Next leg session will be a real one. I promise.

So, today was a shit show. Super cramped for time. Basically had 30 minutes to warm up, workout, shower, and leave the house :joy:

Decided since I was short on time I hit the stuff I’m most interested in growing, which for push day is triceps and shoulders.

Everything had very short rest times as well, pump was insane!!!

Seated back supported BB OHP
125 x 10
125 x10
125 x 7
105 x 12
75 x 12+
75 x 18+ (went to get some water so was extra rested for this one)

Did some seated chest supported lateral dB raises, few sets to failure

Tricep push downs on the cable machine. Few different attachments

1 set of dips, shoulders said if I did it again we were going to see a surgeon ASAP.

Gonna try and sneak in more today is I can. For sure atleast a good rear delt pump If nothing else.

Made a few small mistakes and tweaked my lower back in the middle of my last back exercise (BOR’s). Cut the set short and tried to do biceps but it was still putting a strain on my lower back.

Had a long long long day today anyways so shuttin it down! Better luck tomorrow.

Puuuuuuuuush day

Incline bench

205 x 5
205 x 5
205 x 5
135 x 19

Used my ball bearing barbell for bench today and it was horrible. Really thought I was gonna dump the bar and kill myself lol.

Band chest flys

2 sets of 20 for a beautiful Titty pump

Seated back supp. BB OHP

135 x 6
145 x 4
135 x 6
55 x 41

DB lateral raises

4 sets of 15 with 25’s
1 drop set to failure starting with 15’s then switching to 10’s

Tricep push downs:

Rope attachment
Over hand ezcurl bar attachment
Wide grip straight bar
Underhand EZcurl bar

Finished with 100 rep set with close grip on ezcurl attachment

Rear delt band pulls
Rear delt cable pulls
Reverse fly DB’s

Enjoyed this workout!



Did a few singles at 225
255 x 3
285 x 1
315 x 1
225 x 10 light headed AF!!
225 x 10 not light headed but groin is already cramping lol

Leg extensions
3 sets to absolute failure. Pump city brooo

Lying leg curlzzz
2 sets to failure
Had to quit here, my machine has my upper body angled downward toward the floor and I was about to spew chunks.

Seated calf raises

Few sets to failure

Haven’t posted any pictures of my gym in the new location. It’s super messy and a lot of stuff is still downstairs in the basement sitting in boxes, but the stuff I want to use it up here :joy:


Took an hour break to regain the ability to walk normal and gonna do half ass back and bi day because I’m headed to the beach tonight for 4 days so will be missing the gym

Pull ups
18 - Fuck. This came out of nowhere. Normally start losing form and grip around 10. These were 18 good form reps! If it wasn’t for grip I know I could hit 20. I think my record is 22 or so unbroken.
5 - wide grip
4 - wide grip

Lat pull down wide grip
Few heavy sets


135 x 20
135 x 20
135 x 20
135 x 20
Maaaaaaasive pump. Feelin wide n Thick as long as I stay away from my reflection.

Rear delt band face pull thingys
4 sets to failure

Reverse incline flys
2 sets, 2nd being a drop set

Cable EZbar curls SS with dips
4 rounds to failure

100 rep finisher with 25lb ezcurl bar
Used a wide almost fully supinate grip, every rep hit legs/chest.
Only made it to 87. It hurts so bad

That looks like a great spot. Bright and airy with all the windows and ceiling fans. Where’s the boom box?

It’s pretty cool, stays kinda warm with all the windows though. Oh there is a JBL charge 3 that absolutely rocks in that room, you just can’t see it!

I busted the one cieling fan globe moving the squat rack in and the other one burnt the bulb yesterday lol. Only downside is no standing OHP. Which isn’t a bad thing I guess

Got back from the beach at 5, had some wild sex, drank some preworkout and now I’m slaying some weights. Hammys and tendons begins my knees are still sore from that last leg day. I think lying leg curls don’t like me.

Incline bench

205 x 7
205 x 5
225 x 2
205 x 5

Seated back supported BB OHP

Did a few reps of 135 and called it quits. My left shoulder is really killing me. I think shorty mattress the last few days combines with a not so proper warm up created this.


3 sets. Raise your hand if you’re surprised these hurt my shoulder :man_facepalming:

Push ups, strict of course, feet elevated ~3”, holding onto dumbbells (small 10’s) because wrist mobility

3 sets to failure

Tricep push downs (cable)

Mmmhmmmmm. Lots
Of them. Also did some rear delt stuff

Didn’t get a lot done but after a week of drinking all day and eating like shit, I’ll take it.

Woke up with a pretty bad ear infection :frowning: damn you beach. Also weighed 215 Thor morning :man_facepalming:

Pull ups
Did some scapular pulls
Did some more scap pulls


225 x 10
225 x 10
225 x 7 (ditched the straps and that was a mistake)

EZbar curls
75 x 5
105 x 5
115 x 5
105 x 5
75 x 14

Wide grip cable curls
~55lbs to failure 3 times

Rope cable hammer curls
3 sets to failure

Dumbbell curlzzz

Called it here. Ear hurts and lunch is here.

Nice dude that’s a kick ass training space.

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Thanks dude. It’s pretty messy in the picture, and stays pretty messy in real life lol. I need to get a small weight tree for all my dumbbell plates

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Woke up, ears worse, little blood and a lot of pain. Drugs have been ordered.

In the mean time, it’s time to destroy my legs. Oh least favorite day, how I hate you, but how I long for wheels to make da bitches squeal

Back squat

225 x 17
Really pissed off about this set. I told myself we were going to 20, and I failed. It got to be quite the vivid argument between my mind and I. My body had more but somehow my mind convinced me to rack the weight. So pissed. Still hear ringing lol

255 x 5 weeeeeeaaaaaaakkkkkkk bitch
285 x 1, surprisingly this felt heavy :joy: think I got my amrap set in the wrong spot #yolo

Front squat - ass to grass!

135 x 10
165 x 1
195 x 1
225 x 2.
Called it here, lower back is super pumped and balance in the hole is questionable.

Leg extensions were had, hot and heavy until I couldn’t go any further
Calf raises happened as well
Some scap pulls
Some rear delt pulls

Leg day was ok. I really wanted it to be more savage and just absolutely wipe me out. Turns out I’m too mentally weak. Need to work on that.

Tits and tri day with my girlfriend at her gym. Planet fitness :man_facepalming: I did yell loudly one time, she cares waaaay more than the employees lol so I quit.

No barbells and no dumbbells over 75’s :man_facepalming:

Incline DB press
3 sets of 75’s to failure then a final drop set

Seated dumbbell press
Worked up instead of down on these. Idk why lol
Started at 20’s and Slowly went up to 50’s then back down to 40’s. Making a good work set of each incremental jump

I’m kinda drawing a blank on everything else.

I know I did hammer chest press, OHP hammer press thingy, seated dips/push downs, cable chest flys, lots of tricep cable stuff, lateral raises… and other small shit.

Finished with 25 flights/395 steps in 5 minutes of the stair master thingy.

Also showed the GF what some of the machines do. She’s always just done cardio because she’s scared of them but she had a blast and we are going back tomorrow for a back and bi day!

Meal prepped 3 whole chicken and taters tonight. Step one is complete. I’ve made it here before only to let myself down on step 2.

Step 2: actually eat the damn food.

Step 2 has already been tested by my lack of mental fortitude. Today whilst buying supplies I forgot to get plastic forks. I will eat like a cavewoman until I can buy tiny forks.

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Good to see you back from the dark side brother! New GF? Personal life on the up now man?

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