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WannaBe’s Catchy Training Journal Title

I love it. I’ve always trained hard. I tried a 5/3/1 workout last year and it drove me absolutely crazy lifting sub maximal weight for not a lot of reps most of the time. Maybe it works better than this, but my mental sanity won’t let me find out.

I like to give it everything I’ve got on every set. At home I will sometimes track reps precisely, but at the globo gym it gets hard too keep the pace and intensity up while also playing with your phone. At home it’s right next to me, already out and journal pulled up, and all my weights are right there by me so it’s easy to log while resting.
If you scroll up and look, it can be easy to see which workouts are at home and which are at a real gym, home ones always have more information :joy:.

I’ve always trained like this, and last year made a shit ton of progress doing it, but I was consistently eating right, and enough, for most of the year.

I’ll try and find a progress picture from start to the end of the year last year. I just started back working out a few weeks ago after a long break due to life sucking, so I’m trying to make progress again, albeit it a little different type of progress.

So this was starting to work out first of the year, and this was “my prime” in August, roughly 8-9 months later. Employing the same give it all I got approach and eating 3500+ clean calories a day.

That’s awesome progress!

Thanks man. It’s mostly gone now lol

You’ve had it before, so should be easier to get back.

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That’s right. Some of it I’ve never had before, like biceps and triceps, you know, the only thing I’d love to grow :joy:

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Tried a new gym today. Very big, kinda awkward layout, very crowded. It’s dirt cheap and they have extremely nice equipment of all kinds. TONS.

The problem? Every dude in there is a short cut away from stepping on stage, and every girl is fresh off Instagram replying to her 1.3million followers. Definitely the smallest guy in there. So intimidating.

Wide grip lat PD’s
3 sets to failure

Hammer lat row PD? Never seen one but it’s bad ass.
3 sets to failure

Seated chest supported rows
3 heaaaaavy sets neutral grip
3 heavvvvy sets pronated

Seated reverse machine flys
Didn’t like the angle

Reverse DB fly’s
3 sets to failure

Lots of curl variations.

There rowing machines we so fucking amazing. I love a good back pump and this may have been the beat ever. So fucking good. I’ve yet to find a free weight/cable move that can destroy my lats like some of these lat specific machines.

More bad news: got told today we are headed to LA/TX for storm work because of the hurricane. No idea when I’ll be back. Taking my desire to lose weight and 50# adjustable dumbbells incase we don’t get a hotel gym or gyms are closed.

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Hey man - if you want bigger arms, train like you want them. Either give them their own day, or when you do chest and tris, do your tricep work first. And give them the same heavy treatment you’d give anything else!

I kinda had this epiphany after complaining about it here. I’m falling for the trap of chasing everything at once and coming up short handed on everything.

You are totally right. I’m gonna start chest day with some pin presses and stuff. I’m not happy with any body part, minus traps lol, and I need to prioritize my training around what I want the most. Solid advice dude.

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Headed to Texas in the morning and I’ve got to pack and get ready. Unfortunately not enough time for a real session. Hopefully we will have a hotel gym or there will be a gym near by. Gonna take adjustable dumbbells and 50# of plates for them in my suit case just in case :joy::ok_hand:

Close grip bench/pin presses (few inches high)

135 x 10
165 x 10
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5

Close grip bench/pin presses SS tricep pushdown
Going heavy on push downs and to failure on both

PD to failure / 135 x 12
PD to failure / 135 x 14
PD to failure / 135 x 17
PD to failure / 135 x 10


Let’s see a mother fuckin tricep refuse to grow on that shit.

This was the most intense, painful arm pump I’ve ever had. Whole upper arm. Out of vain and pure curiosity I measured my arm since it felt like it was about to burst open, measures exactly the same as it does cold lol. Feelz bad mane. Feelz bad.

Rear delt DB fly’s

Lateral DB raises

That’s all the time I got folks.

Made it to the MS/LA border and got a hotel. Ate dinner and found a gym and bought a 1 day pass.

Had a killer back and bi and shoulders session. Guy on my crew is jaaaaacked and competing in a body building show early next year and I worked out with him.

Who knows what the rest of the storm trip has in store, may be the last night I get to workout :man_shrugging:

Food was good today, 2 filets were consumed :joy:. Post workout meal was a few ultras lol

Got a hotel gym workout in last night. Just a little bit of shoulders and chest with 2 sets of rows. Loooong hot day and I was tired, hoping that explains the being super weak part.

No gym in quite a while. Not much food, and lots of hard work. Not seeing any weight loss, not sure what the scale would say. Still unsure when we are coming home :weary:. Place looks like a bomb went off

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Damn dude!

I’m glad guys like you who know what they are doing are available to help those unfortunate people out.

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Supposed to head home Saturday so I’ll be back in the gym Sunday!! Woot woot!

Got back late Saturday night! 16 days of 16 hour shifts in the worst heat I’ve ever been in. Y’all in TX and LA are wild…

Still pretty tired but it’s time to slowly get back into the gym. Today will just be a pump back and bi session. To ease back into it. Came back same weight so that’s good, nothing gained!

Pull ups
12, think I forgot to breathe :joy: got so light headed

EZbar curlzz
105 x 5
105 x 5
105 x 5
75 x 12
75 x 10

Cable curls straight narrow grip
3 sets to failure (~10-12 reps each set)

Chin ups (first time I’ve ever really done these)

Cable ezcurl loaded stretch
1st set got about a minute without lowering ~50lbs. Wrist gave up before biceps. Probably need to do a little more research on these lol
2nd set got ~90 seconds this time using 75lb ezcurl bar (freeweight). Kept elbows pretty tucked back and almost bent at 90* keeping the bar around my belly button. Not really getting a huge pump like I thought I would. Back to google for these :joy:

DB hammer curlzz
4 sets to failure using 20’s

Rear delt fly’s DB
3 sets to failure

Band rear delt flys
3 sets to failure. Damn these are bad ass. Great contraction and pump.

Trap bar BOR’s
145 x 10
145 x 10
145 x 10

Seated wide grip cable rows
2 sets to failure

Hanging scap pulls

Felt good to get back in the gym.

Really pushed for time today but got an absolute killer shoulder workout in. Might try and get tits and tris tonight after dinner.

Seated DB OHP
3 sets to failure using 55’s. Feel strong, should have used 65’s

Heavy lateral raises
3 sets to failure

Hammer OHP machine
3 sets to failure

Rear delt DB fly’s
3 sets to failure

Rear delt machine thingy
1 giant set

Laying Y raises
3 sets to failure

Something else but I forgot lol

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Tits and tris and legs?

Bit off whack here but hope to be back to a normal PPL after this workout.

Close grip bench off pins
135 x 10
165 x 5
225 x 5 errr left collar bone is telling me no
195 x 10
Called it here. I’ve broken both collar bones and idk if it’s the weather changing or what, but today was especially bad for this.

Skull crushers
2 sets with both arms
1 set single armed, left tricep is weeaaakkk

16 - pretty good for me

Aannnnnnddddnhad to go get my kids off the buss and haven’t slowed down yet. Hoping to finish what I started tonight.

Lat pull downs wide grip
4 sets

Iso machine lat row thingy?
3 heavy sets

Seated chest supported iso row
4 heavy sets pronated
3 heavy sets neutral grip

Rear delt DB flys
Few sets to failure

EZbar curls
Few heavy lowish rep sets

Machine iso bicep curl thingy. Pretty sweet!!
Few sets to failure

Cable face pulls from the ground
Few heavy sets to failure

Seated cable rows
3 heavy sets

Leg extensions
Lots of them

Leg curls
Lots of them

Leg press
Nice and heavy

Standing calf raises
Lots of em