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Wannabe LEAN! 2020 T-ransformation

My form goes to shit when I do this…lol I just start throwing crap around.

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Life treating you all right, @wanna_be?


I feel ya. I set up for a seated cable row and on my first rep was like fuck that’s heavy and agonising. Let’s do 5-7 more of these. And did. The mind says no far before the body sometimes.

Hope you are alright!

Hey guys! So life has had me bent over raw dawgin me hard the last few months. Here’s to getting back on track!

I haven’t lifted a weight in months. I haven’t cared about food in over a month. Good news: still around the same weight ~210. Bad news : what little muscle I had is gone. Starting back fresh lol.

On the TRT front, I’ve been doing about 120mg a week split into 2 injections. Seems the only change that’s made is my anxiety seems worse. Gonna go back up next week after I have bloods drawn.

House is sold, got a new girlfriend who’s bad ass, works been going good, and my gym is almost set up in the new house.

In the middle of a workout right now. Plan is to do a few whole body sessions until next week when I get back from the beach then get back into a PPL routine.

Ready to get back what I lost and more.


HAWT LOL in a ll seriousness glad things are turning around and STAY STRONG!!!

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Thanks dude! The new normal is here and I’m digging it. Just gotta get back into working out!


Yes, dude. Happy to see you.

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Thanks dude. You were definitely one of the few people I missed during my hiatus!

No problem bro. This right here, this is pretty much the exact sentence I was waiting for when you were in that dark place. I’m genuinely ecstatic to see you type it, glad you took the time you needed, let’s get back to business and smash some weights.


Thanks bro!!

Dude. My legs are so sore. They were sore DURING the workout :joy:. I knew DOM’s were gonna be a bitch so I kept it light but it still didn’t help. Did back squats 135x15, 135 x 10, then 135 x 10 paused in the hole. Then seated calf raises to failure :joy: legs are jeeeeeelllllllooooooooo.
Everything else feels good though!

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Did some shoulders and back and arms yesterday before I left for the beach. Legs still too sore to do anything. Of course today they feel fine, when I’m away from the gym lol.

Ceiling is juuuuuuust barely too low to stand and BB OHP so I’ve been doing seated with no back support. Feels really weird. Also weak AF!!! Barely got like 5 reps with 135. Kinda sad but hoping to bounce back quick. Also ran across a picture from February, sad to see what I used to look like even if it was unimpressive.

Ready to get back from the beach and kill it in the gym!!


Website hasn’t let me on the last few times I’ve tried.

Came back from the beach to storms and worked some long hours. Finally got time to workout. Stupid sore lol. Had the best arm workout I’ve ever had a few days ago and my biceps are still sore.

Squats haven’t been hurting my legs/groin/hips like they did in the past but now it hurts my back lol. I think loss of core strength and not remembering how to brace anymore is causing that. Keeping the weight light until I remedy that.

Meal prepped a shit ton last night with the girl friend. Had to force myself to eat today and threw some of it away. Gotta train myself to eat Shit I don’t want to again :joy:.

Gonna work out today and hopefully Thursday then it’s back to the beach for my birthday celebration shananigans. Lots of food and beer and no gym while I’m there :joy:.

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Things still going good?

Nope :joy:. Life and work has been crazy and I’ve been using that as an excuse not to train. But I’m working on it.

I do need some assistance though. I was incline benching today and noticed the bar touched my chest a little different on one side vs the other. So I filmed a rep and sure enough… what gives guys? It seems my non dominant side is longer/stronger.

I know the video isn’t great, but let me know if other angles will help. 225 in the hands, which isn’t my max but is heavy, but not heavy enough I’m having to do weird things (beyond this weird thing lol).

Well. Got a new phone and I’m logged out of YouTube and it won’t let me in, so I can’t upload the video yet but I’ll keep trying.

I’m right handed and it’s always my right side which gives out first. This is especially noticeable when dumbbell pressing. I have a physical job, if I carry something around a site it’s under my right arm, I do lots of drilling mainly with my right hand and can have days where I’m doing noting but chopping off mortar and old Putty with a Hammer and chisel. I think this means my right arm gets less chance to recover compared to my left and is a bit weaker.

I’m a lineman, so definitely a physical job but I feel it’s fairly equal. I’m gonna try and get the video uploaded some how and maybe that will shed some light to the more experienced.

So just a little update. Finally decided I’m tired of not having any smidgeon or symptom relief or even noticeable effects of TRT so I went the private route through a highly recommended source. Got my bloods back today.

Current protocol is 100mg (cyp) injected twice a week for a total of 200mg weekly.

Total T - 696
Free T - 20
SHBG - 15
E sensitive - 31

New protocol once I get my hands on the drizugs will be 140mg injected twice weekly for a total of 280mg a week. Gonna see how this feels, it will be the highest I’ve been.

Unfortunately the smart ladies at LabCorp thought half the panels the doctor ordered weren’t necessary and excluded them… so I’ll have to go back today (possibly tomorrow as I’ve still not left work and it’s 7am…) and get those redone. Some of the highlights I’ve asked to be tested is prolactin, DHT, and one more that I can’t remember as well as a slew of iron deficiency panels as I basically have no good blood lol.

He tried promoting the IGF-1 peptides but I’m going to hold off for now as I’m in the middle range and not convinced I’d see much reward for the cost.

Wow fk off.

How many days after injection were your bloods drawn?

By private route you mean the huge dude at the gym? :smiley:

Yea no kidding dude. Fuckin pissed me off!!!

Haha no, although that would be a lot cheaper.

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Started a new journal. Too coward to tag the people who liked to keep me motivated in this one to my new one, so if you read this and want to watch me move tiny weight then make posts about it, click here.

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