Wannabe LEAN! 2020 T-ransformation

Been a fatty my whole life. Went from 260 to 175 only to realize I was still skinny fat and had ZERO muscle. Ate like crap in sadness and got to 196 and decided it was time to start working out. Started lifting and eating right 56 days ago! Currently 214

The plan is to bulk until I actually have a little muscle, and then shed some body fat to around 12-15% and then just try and lean bulk or something lol.

Current plan:

Workout A:

Incline bench
Lat raises/tricep pulldowns super set

Workout B:

pull ups
Rear delt flies/tricep pulldown superset

Big 3 lifts are 5x5 and most of the other stuff is 10-15 reps with usually 5+ sets. Mix it up with pump work and big weight type stuff.

Beginning PR’s

Squat 225 1RM
Dead 225 1RM
Incline 155 1RM
OHP 105 1RM
BOR 105 1RM

Current PR’s as of 10/20/19

Squat 385 (having issues with squat, getting help)
Dead 475
Bench 265
OHP 175
BOR 235 x 10

I work out at home and have a decent amount of stuff for a home gym. I need more plates, I was holding off till I actually needed them, and now I do.

Gonna use this journal loosely to track weight and stuff. Getting hard to keep track of all the changes. Comments and criticism/critique welcome!


Workout was so so… incline bench felt good, worked up to a “heavy” Tripple (195). BOR hit 195 for 1 struggle bus PR.

Great workout tonight. Got sun burnt from first time in tanning bed yesterday and thought workout would be trash but it was great. Got a killer pump in my shoulders and lats and felt wide as a house!

Did 285 for 12 easy reps on deadlift, first time I’ve ever tried to do more than 5 reps at a time, went up fast and easy, had plenty more, not sure why I stopped. Looking forward to getting more plates Friday and testing my 1RM!

Added 10lbs to my working weight for OHP, doing 115x10 now. Burned so good.

PR kinda workout! Got 195 for 5 on incline bench and felt I had more so I loaded 225 and got that for a PR! Then hit 195 for 5 again after that! Got 165 for 10 reps on BOR’s.

Slept like crap last night and just wasn’t feeling it today. Cut the last half of my workout (the fluff stuff) out and called it a day. Deadlifts went well, super stoked to get more plates tomorrow!!! New rep PR for OHP, moving my working weight up 10 pounds to 115.

On call this week :frowning: worked normal 10 hour shift yesterday then got called out at 11 and worked till 8:30 this morning. Stopped by Wright equipment on the way home and picked up some stuff!

Deadlift PR 375x1!

Back and legs felt great, definitely more in the tank there but my grip is lacking :frowning: probably couldn’t do more due to grip strength. Gotta work on that.

Everything else kinda sucked today, sleep and food are jacked up for the day!

Last couple workouts have sucked.

Got called out at 5:30 this morning so I’m blaming that lol

Squated for the first time today in a while. Sucked and painful, after this call week is over I will have time to go to a PT and hopefully get this worked out.

Incline bench:

235x1 got it off the chest about 5” and stopped cold.

225x2 failed on the second rep

215x3 failed on the 3rd rep lol

BOR’s went good though. The 165 feeling better, getting some more reps in.

Really really disappointed in my flexibility. I’ve been working on it for 2 months and have made zero progress. I’m so inflexible it’s insane, very sad.

Good workout today. Did some low weight and highish rep deadlifts. Finished with an intense 315x10 set.

OHP felt really good today. Best it’s ever felt.

Pull ups sucked baaad today. Guessing the good day of dead’s and ohp’s didn’t help that.

Good workout today, squat PR! 315x1. Felt really good, went to grab a set of 5’s then got cocky and thought about 10’s, then got dumb and grabbed a set of 15’s. Needless to say I failed that rep. Came up about 5”, stopped, grunted, then slowly returned to the safety’s lol

Bench felt good but nothing worth mentioning.

Yesterday sucked. Today was better.

Squated 315x1x2 and then did some higher rep stuff with lower weight.

Brought the freakin intensity on incline bench. Didn’t go over 195 but it was sweet.

Had a minor oral surgery yesterday, between the anesthesia and the pain meds I slept alllllll day. Hit the gym today feeling like a million bucks (minus the sore face).

Pulled 4 plates for the first time! Did it without a belt to prove I could, I’ll be using the belt from now on.

OHP felt extremely good. I did more volume today than I’ve ever done.

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I’ve added over 400 pounds to my big 3 in 2 months. Noob gains are real lol.

I am so close to a 1000 pound total, I should be able to hit it tomorrow when I dead lift.

Squated 335 for a PR today after doing a bunch of volume with 225.

feeling good on the incline bench. Getting 225 ok with multiple 1 rep sets. Don’t want to try any higher without a spotter.

I feel my arms are really lacking. I though I’ve been hitting them hard but maybe not. That seems to be he only thing I have seen zero growth with.

Edit: I’m using incline bench as one of my big 3 instead of flat bench. I don’t flat bench… just clarifying, sonits texhnically not a big 3 lol

Spent a week in Pennsylvania drinking whiskey and eating junk food.

Been back home for a acouple hoirs and already got a workout in.

Idknif it’s the week break, the alcohol, lack of nutrition, 4 hours of sleep every night or what, but this sucked lol

Got 385x3 on deadlift. Felt strong.

Everything else was complete trash and weak.

Squat is still garbage :frowning:

Started a new workout Monday as well as started to cut. Up 3 pounds haha. Might need to google how to cut.

New workout

Mon/Thur - back and bi’s

Pull ups 5xAMRAP

BOR’s 3x12

Seated rows 4x12

Lat pull downs 4x12

Curls 4x12

Hammer curls 3x12

Tues/Fri - chest shoulders tricep

Incline bench 5x5

Dumbbell flys 3x12

OHP 3x10

Lateral raises

Rear delt flies


Pull downs

Skull crushers

Wed/Sat - legs

Squats/dead’s alternating 3x5

Squat/trap bar burner set

Weighted lunges 2 laps

Leg extensions - run the rack

Calf raises

Current pic


If you don’t mind, would you answer a few random questions?

What progression are you following? (Do you calculate off of a training max, or actual max? What are your lifts going to look like in 3 months? How much are you going to weigh in 3 months?)

What are you doing for diet? (Are you looking for specific macros, or are you just trying to get calories?)

You have a lot of potential being a former big guy. Also, how old are you? What is your training age/history?

What is your preferred intensity for each workout?

Hey man! Nice to have somebody following along!

My progression is kinda wild and doesn’t make much sense. I should honestly be following a plan probably but I just don’t like any of the ones I’ve seen.
My set/rep scheme as well as warm up for each main lift is different.
Usually it involves working up to a heavy single/double every workout and then slowly dropping weight and adding more reps till I get back down to something I can do higher reps in and then I’ll finish there with a high rep set.

Essentially I’m trying to gain strength and hypertrophy at the same time… work up to something super heavy and then come down and get my pump on.

I keep track of my maxes on one of my gym mirrors with dry erase markers. I try and add weight and/or reps every couple sessions. Prior to going to Pennsylvania and acting stupid I was hitting some type of PR every time I set foot in the gym. It’s slowed down now :frowning:

In 3 months they better look a lot better or I’ll be angry lol. This year I plan to pull 600, squat 495, incline bench 305, and OHP 200. Pretty lofty goals, and I legitimately just thought of them haha. I bet I can hit some of them though. Who knows.

Weight is tricky. I’m so tired of being fat. I want to lose the man tits and then do a controlled bulk and keep the tits at bay. I’m 221 right now at 6’. I’m supposed to be cutting right now (just walked in the door from Mexican restaurant) so thats going great.

For the first 2.5 months I tracked every calorie and macro that went into my body. I ate 2 1lb chicken breasts and 4 cups of white rice a day amdbafter that it was just regular food. I tried to stay at 3600 calories of mostly clean food. Then I got burnt out on that and just started winging it. I can tell by the numbers in the gym and on the scale what’s going on and have a good enough idea of protein to make sure I get enough. I try and get as close to 1 gram per pound of body weight as I can but don’t fret over it if I don’t. As long as I continue to make progress I will continue on my carefree food plan.

Turn 27 in June. Started lifting weights last December for the Tnation 2019 body transformation.

My preferred intensity is a joke lol. Guys at work make fun of me because I tell them I try not to sweat or get out of breath while working out. Obviously I do sweat and get out of breath but nothing I do could be mistaken as cardiovascular exercises lol. I’ve staryed to ramp up the intensity now though. I did 30 touch and go reps on 225 on the trap bar followed by 15 more with 255. That was freaking intense, had veins bulging on my shoulders and traps, felt like Superman.

Updated PR’s

Squat 335
Deadlift 435
Incline bench 235
BOR 195
OHP ? No idea lol

Bench was trash today. Really disappointed, I could tell the minute I unracked the empty bar to warm up.

Got 135 for 10 solid reps, no grinders on OHP, then got 165 for 1 smooth rep. Tried 175 but stalled half way up.

There are a ton of great power-building programs out there for you to follow. What have you looked at so far? Any ones in particular?

Sounds like you definitely have the mentality to get to where you need to be. I am reading your style as high intensity and high volume lifts that take forever to complete?

I’ve kinda just been winging it. Doing stuff I like, doing stuff I should be doing and then trying to keep it balanced.

I recently just found 5/3/1 building the monolith and that looks fun. I might try that when I bulk again.

I spend a ton of time in my gym, i have been working out 7 days a week but this new routine I’m gonna have an active rest day (Sunday). I have no idea if I do high intensity or high volume. I’ve never really worked out with anyone or seen anyone workout so I have no idea how I compare in that sense. A guy I work with is pretty big and used to be huge, he’s been asking me to come workout with him. I’ve seen what he normally does and it scares me lol.