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Wanna Work With Me?


Hey everyone. I am about to open a gym here in the East Bay and was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in training at our (me and another guy) gym. We will be opening our private studio in less than two months. We were thinking about having a spot on the NSCA website to search for qualified people, but I thought hey, who would I rather having working w/ us than a fellow T-man/vixen! If anyone is interested, please PM me and I can give you more details. I'm looking for people w/ passion for learning ALL they can about training/nutrition and for those that live the life of a T-person.

Lemme know...


In addition to the above info., if anyone is a massage therapist, a.r.t. practioner, physical therapist, etc., if you are interested, PM me and maybe we can start a referral program.



Thanks for the PM's so far.
Anyone else?


I've received a couple outta state PM's, which reminded me, we aren't lookin' for just local people. If you are a person that is looking for a career in this field and wanna come out to Cali., let me know. We just want highly qualified, dedicated people, no matter where they may be located.



Giving this a bump to see if anyone else may be intereted.

Also, if anyone is interested in running our nutrition portion, PM me. It looks like we are gonna hire Dr. John Berardi and his PNN system. (if you are not familiar w/ it I will give you more info if you decide to PM me). I am still thinkin' I may head the PNN system, but with the # of clients hours I have, it may work better if someone else could take on this that could devote more time. I think if done right, PNN could be very profitable for everyone involved.




In case you missed this and have interest...


where is the gym?

i'm in the east bay many times a year and would love an opportunity to check it out and probably lift heavy stuff



We are located in San Ramon.

Thanks for asking.