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Wanna Take a Ride in My Bentley?


got to drive around in a bentley continental gt for a bit. freaking SICK! 0-60 in 4.3 seconds what?!

i'm thinking i need to rob a bank sometime soon.


Very cool.

Who's is it?


That must have been fun. Those cars are sweet and only for rich bastards, and people with huge inheritance who don't know what to do with it. Well I take that back, anyone that can start a decent business and make good money and live in a shit hole, can afford one of those babies! (When I was back in school, there was this shit hole of a house like 2 blocks away. Always parked in the driveway was a 7 series bimmer, a CLK AMG, and a POS honda civic. I guess the person drives that on the weekdays.)

One thing I will do is next time I head to vegas for a week, I'll rent one of those bad boys for fun. Who wants to chip in?


when i was in LA i would see a bentley or phantom every 15 minutes, was rediculous.


Bently is badass as hell, but Aston Martin is the ultimate shit.


Bullshit, Rolls Royce is the ultimate, then Bentley, then Aston Martin.


Bentley has to rule...Simply because they made the Veryon. I think that's how you spell it. Cost 1.2 million, has 1001 horsepower, ugly as sin.


Nah Bugatti makes the Veyron


Bentley.....It's like a poor man's Chrysler 300c

You were driving a Bentley in pink shorts? I wouldn't even let someone valet my Bentley in pink shorts (if I had a Bentley that is).


I would ONLY let someone in my Bentley with pink shorts.


lol, wtf are you talking about. i OWN a chrysler 300, i couldn't afford the fucking TIRES for a bentley.

btw, shorts were red. but oh well.


a girl-who-i'm-talking-to's father.


ooooooooh, I see.



My cousin owns one of these, nice car. I've never driven it but I've been out for a ride in it. . . sits next to his Ferrari in the garage.



Lol, I was stuck in DC traffic next to one not too long ago. The guy driving it had to be a current or former lineman for the Redskins. His head was about as big as the whole side window, and he had to cock it to the side a bit in order to fit in the thing.


Had to be Lavar Arrington, he's got a big head (physically, don't know about mentally).

And yeah, HM, nice job rollin around in a Bentley. Will this be happening more often?


This is king.


Was Suge Knight upset that you jacked his car??


dude...her father?

then again, i AM in alabama.

guess we'll see

EDIT** unless of course, you were talking about yourself, in which case, i suggest you hop on the next flight on over to 'bama.

sorry, i just woke up


Obviously me, I want a free ride too...and in the car.