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Wanna Make Me a Workout Plan?


hey everyone, i need a serious weight training plan for this winter, i want to be working out 6 days a week. I need serious highlights on core and leg training. anyone wanna give me a plan ha?



But there is this sweet website I know...

Read. Learn. Apply.

Have fun!


Use the search function you lazy bastard!


If you post your address, I'm sure we can find someone to lift the weights for you too.


wow... awesome site you guys have here, thanks for the advice and help in the BEGINNERS section.


Yeah, beginner section, not "show-up-for-free-advice-without-doing-any-work
just-cause-we're-that-nice" section. Read the stickys at the top of this section. They have a ton of links and info for you.


Why do you want to train six days a week? Just looking to soak up some free time, or what? Most people make great gains with three or four solid workouts a week.

What's your exercise history, how long have you been training and what exactly have you been doing already?

Is there any other goal aside from "highlighting" legs and core? Do you do any sports you'd want to train for?

A whole bunch of people like DeFranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards. It's a nice plan for size, strength, and "athleticism." For straight-up strength gains, with size as an accidental bonus, you could look at a more "traditional" Westside template for beginners. Or if you're looking for size first and foremost, Chad Waterbury's ABBH is a classic and favorite. Or if you still can't figure out what's what, hop on Dan John's One Lift a Day program for a month.


O.K what do you want strength, size, conditioning or all three? Legs = supersquats 3 times a week increasing weight each workout. Abs = do 50 reps of standard situps betweeen each set of weights. Do upperbody on the days your not training legs. Overhead press 3 sets of 4-8 reps, 3 sets of chinups at least 4 reps or use lat pulldown. Inline bench 3 sets of 12 reps, face pulls with rope 5 sets of 4-8 reps. Flat bench 2 sets of 8-12 reps, bent over row 2 sets of 8-12 reps. Tricep extensions 3 sets of 8 reps, barbell curl 2 sets of 5-8 reps.

Do more arm isolation if you want to bring your arms up, like pressdowns, dips and different curls. Try deadlifting once a week, pyramid the weight and build up to a 2 rep max. Leg press if you have access to one, plus leg extensions and curls.

Simple really and by the way i'm not suggesting this is a good routine as i just made it up out of the top of my head and have not tried it myself or on any one else.


You're right, how dare they not take time off their own day to write you a work-out plan. I mean, it is the beginner's section. Hmm, let's see how far I can milk that..

Say, anyone want to mow my lawn? I'm new at this.

Could anyone come wash my dishes? I've never done that before.


I told OP this, and I'll tell you too.

Post your address, and I'm sure people will be more than happy to help.


1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20006

Ask for Dubya.


I don't think this is the person Shugs was thinking about in his "Dumb Monkey" thread.

Fella if you aren't even willing to read some of the articles and programs that are already available I really don't think you would actually get off your ass to do one that was designed for you.


That's right, get em OctoberGirl.

Seriously man this is the beginners section, but a little effort is all that's asked for. I'm not going to go into a basketball forum and ask people to tell me all the rules and how to get good at it, see where people are coming from?

Read some around the site(search a lot) and if you have any particular questions after that someone will be glad to get you pointed in the right direction.


Start each and every w/o w/ 30 minutes of slow masturbation to releive any previous stress and set the body into equilibream. Drink 1 gallon of choclate milk before and after each w/o. W/ this being said, use a pull/push/legs split.

Day 1:
Go outside and rip the bark off of every tree to ensure maximum pulling intensity. For accesory work, pull weeds, shrubs, even your neighbors flowers to help out tht beautiful sparrow spread you have going. Don't forget to masturbate.

Day 2:
Push your car door open and closed for 100 reps each side. This will greatly increase you musclar strength and endurance when, you guessed it, getting out of your car to go to your favorite dunkin donut retailer. Don't forget to masturbate.

Day 3:
Noone trains legs so why bother. Don't forget to masturbate.

Each of your meals should include 1/2 a cup of your favorite sorbet, as well as some pigeon jerky. Can't forget your simple carbs and fatty acids.

ON a serious note these are good articles


HAHAHA austin_bicep this stuff is the best, using masturbation as a means of reducing cortisol!!!


What I think someone should do if someone asks for someone to create a workout for them is to make a really crappy one, and ask for pics in a few months. That would be cruel, funny, but also quite satisfying.

Like a 20 rep deadlift and one set of bicep curls, to failue, 7 times a week. something ridiculous. Bosou ball workout anyone. You could claim it to be a new modern bodybuilding workout done by.....(insert name of pro here).


well thanks to the few that sent me a link for it and tried to help, im not even gunna try to argue a point because fighting over the internet is like racing in the special olympics you all know the punchline but i was looking for something like a template for the workout, im going for strength while staying at the smallest size i can.

I play baseball so i want to emphasize legs and core because thats where all your power comes from when you pitch and bat, as said by Roger Clemens, The secret to his longevity in pitching, is he developed his drive and speed from pushing off the mound with his legs. anyways i hope that helps you guys not yell at me as much, i'm very serious about this, im just really trying to start as soon as possible so i was just trying to get some workouts from experts


For the fucking win.


No, I don't know the punchline. Please share. I'd like to take it back to work with me and share with my kids. I am sure that the 14 handicap teens I coach would sure appreciate it and find it funny.
Seriously, spend some time around handicap atheletes. These guys don't ask for a handout, ever. They work for everything they have and I am sure that they have more heart than most of us here.
Kid, think before you write.


Here we go again.

Wait, so you want to stay as small as you can for baseball? Why? It's not like baseball is a sport where there are weight classes (like wrestling, or weightlifting) or even being small is an advantage (like gymnastics). Dear God why do you want to stay as small as possible?

You mentioned Clemens, definitely one of the most successful and dominant pitchers of all time. Have you ever actually looked at Clemens? He is a pretty big boy. You know why he has had so much longevity? Because, first he's just got the genetic make-up to do it, second he's been lucky enough to not get any career ending injuries, and third because due to his mass he can get a lot of velocity on the ball without trashing his arm. He would not have lasted as long and been as dominant had he been small.

If you had a good reason to stay small I could see your line of thinking. But, you really don't seem to. Honestly, putting on some muscle and improving strength are probably going to be of great help for you.

Good training,