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Wanna Learn How to Pose Like a Pro?



HAHAHAA ...him tearing his top off cracked me up. (hope its not you.)


Is this who Johnny Bravo was based on?


LOLLLLLL so funny !!!

this one makes me think about the famous gay group "Village people" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9OXwZFi4CI&feature=channel

Now, the song I hvae in my head is YMCA...

He looks like having a self discussion convincing him how big, strong and hard he is, I guess he should stop eating donuts sometimes...


"Ah More wheezing I'm so wet and sweaty" "More heaving like he's going to have a heart attack" "Punches chest many times" "Tears at shirt for 37 seconds trying to rip it off."


Big fucker but still this was not good it was funny as shit but geez.


if you were just listening to it it sounds like a cheap porno.

the "I'm so wet and sweaty" part cracked me up.


Fuuuck. I'm glad I didn't hear him say that.


Also related, check out the abs on this BEAST


Benchin and Curls


Not really related at all.


Well getting a gig at Chippendales might work with the current trend.


thats not related at all, that just grossed me out!


YOU DO NOT DARE comapre Bravo to this man. Bravo was the shit!


Where is he competing at?


side laterals might help


It was related because it was posted as a response to the OP's vid


The second vid is creepier than the OP's, because the OP's is just a retard dude. In the second, there's a fat dude boasting about his fatness. And if you check the replies, people are cheering him on. There's even websites and forums about those "bodybuilders", it's a sick ass trend.


So this advertisement came up during the vid. I think it's fitting...


I thought it was funny how he kept cupping his chest until he said ''All hot and sweaty''.

After that I just became unsettled