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Wanna Get Big, Serious

Hey Guys. Hoping that someone from the Tmag staff or a hardcore lifter could help me out. Hmm… how to make a long story as short as possible? Okay: I’m 30 now, weigh 177, about 12 percent bf, lifting is kinda new to me (I’ve lifted on and off for the last year and a half). I was very overweight in my younger years (225lbs)… lost it by running mainly (age 19). Problem: I’ve always wanted to bulk up but have been “satisfied” with the status quo for way too long. Tmag has really been a motivating force! Thanx!! Well, I wanna get serious now and there is one big thing I need to get going: A PROGRAM. I’m a smart, well read guy but all the info out there makes my brain freeze up and not able to choose/process what I should do. (can you relate??) Like I said, I am serious… in fact, even though I’m short on $, I JUST ordered some MD6 and Tribex (buy2get1) cuz I figured there’s not better time than NOW. Oh, if a Tmag staffer reads this I’m interested in the leather jacket challenge – if you need more info please let me know. You set up the program and I’ll be your follow thru guy! Looking forward to getting your products and your advice.

Hey search the T-mag archives for the Get Big Diet For Bodybuildres or simply diets. they have plenty to look at. As for training look through the archives at some of Ian Kings 12 Week programs or tc or Charles poliquin. hope this helps.

Since you are fairly new to the iron sport, I would do The Oscillating Wave Program. Do a search for it. Read part 1 & 2. I think that Ian Kings 12 week programs would be a little to much for a newbie. The Oscillating Wave should give you size and strength. Follow the get big deit and you should pack on some good size in a short amount of time.

Realize that MD6 is a fat burner you don’t want to use this until a cutting phase, The Get Big diet for body builders, and as for a program I’d suggest running through GVT2000, then TC Tsunami training. remember no lifting more than 2 days in row this is more detrimental than good.