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Wanna Buy Some Bumper Plates

I want to buy some bumper plates and I have some questions for those who have them.

  1. First off, is there a particular brand you prefer or recommend? (And don’t even mention Ivanko calibrated – they’re way outside of my price range.)

  2. For plain black (possibly recycled rubber) plates, do they leave scuff marks on tile floor (like the tiles you find in hospitals)?

  3. Anyone know of any dealers in the Denver area so that I don’t have to pay a huge amount in shipping costs if I buy over the internet?

  4. Anyone recommend a good internet site that sells them for cheap (or even used)? hexplus.net seems to be good.

Thanks for any guidance you all can provide!

Check out RB rubber good product at a good price.

I have a set they are very durable but might leave scuff marks on some surfaces.