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Wanna Buy a Watch?

This doesn’t belong in off-topic, it’s actually a nutrition question. After reading the bonehead nutrition article what I really took away from that is not letting hunger dictate your meals.

I’m getting pretty good at that but I would like to find is a watch that you can set an alarm that goes off every 2.5 hours. I don’t want to fumble around with setting an alarm or having to glace at a stop watch mode frequently. Does anyone have a watch that you can just set to go off every 3 hours or some easy function like that? I think the Ironman’s might have something like that but if anyone has a particular model I would love to hear about it.

Make sure to get a watch that gives time in milliseconds.

Just pay attention to the time more carefully for the first couple of wks. After that, your body will know what time it is!! If I go any longer than 2 1/2 hrs, my stomach is growling like crazy! Over three hrs. and I start staring at small helpless animals. LOL! No need for alarm though, it is too much of a consceince (sp?) effort to forget.

I bought a casio G-shock for 25 dollars at Costco. It has a timer that you can set for 1 second, or up to 24 hrs, and all the basic functions: date, alarm,stopwatch etc. It is what I use in the kitchen for a timer, and is by far the toughest watch I have ever had. Pat has one that she has had for about 5-6 years.

If you really want to do that. I suggest you use your GSM phone etc. It’s pretty easy to set up your calender for daily events causing it to alert with a message “Time to eat buddy” every 3 hours or so…

My 2 cents…

Any Casio or Timex sports watch will have an adjustable countdown feature like that, as well as a stopwatch to boot (which is useful for timing stuff in the gym). You can get them at Target. However, why not just use a regular watch and your brain to calculate when 2.5 hours has elapsed? If you eat and look at your watch and it says 10:00, it’s easy enough to calculate that you should eat again at 12:30. Duh.