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Wanna Be Powerlifter

not really, what would that be used for?

Wait and watch

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Short term so you know where u are at compared to your peak performance on any given day/week. You can do a lot with that data from autoregulating the session to using it to inform changes to the training plan.

Long term to track progress without having to actually hit a max or AMRAP to realise progress. If you’re consistently getting PDMs around or even over your max gains are certain only a question of how much after a short peak.

Conversely without the data ur just doing random things that you guess will equal gains without actually knowing if they working or how well.

how would one go to calculate this? Just a 1rm calculator?

Yep. Custom RPE v Percentage chart if ur a bit strange on any of the movement like I can do more reps on sumo at a given % than most. Inputs would be reps weight and RPE. Pretty easy if u have a spreadsheet that does it for you.

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solid session, confidence coming back on highbar, back feeling better.

Highbar 4x7 170kg.
Solid, moving good. Great confidence booster, compared to last week.
Next week im either going up to 175, or doing another rep. Well see.

Bench: 4x8 95kg
Fucking great. Moving at like rpe sub 6?

Rows 4x10
Pull ups 4x5 (fucking hate how i have to do them in my current setup, so i cant do much more than 5-6.

Bicep curls 4x20
lateral raises 4x20
tricep extensions 4x20

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Conventional dead: 5x6 172,5kg
Bench: 5x6 97,5kg
weighted pushups 4x10
romanian deadlifts 4x15
leg curls /leg extensions super set 4x20
platz squats 4x15

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Paused beltless squat 5x5 @8
4x5 170kg
1x5 175kg

Larsenpress medium grip 5x5 90kg

bendoverrows 4x10
seated ohp 4x10

Squat: 3x3 197,5kg
Miss-grooved the last rep of the last set, so considering all things not to bad.
Got a little to forward, even with the missgroove idd stil say it was sub rpe 8, lol.

Bench: 4x3 107.5kg Gucci

Deadlift 3x3 paused @7
180kg x 3
190kg x 3 <- tied last week, easier and better pauses.
195kg x 3 @7.
Kinda wanna push for 200kg next week, kinda wanna save 200 one more week. Well see.

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Squats: 4x7 175kg highbar
feeling bad again, not so sure why it varies so much. Hoping next week will be good again. Gonna up the recovery next week on saturday-sunday.

Bench: 4x8 95kg
rows 4x10
sort of pull ups 4x10
bicep curls 4x10
tricep extensions 4x10
laterall raises 4x10

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Happy cake day bruz. Here’s to more gains in 2021

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Deadlift 5x6 172,5kg
All moving @rpe may i add more weight to the bar coach, Yes you may next week.
Had some food like half an hour before training that didnt set will in my stumach, so had to throw up pretty much each set…

Bench: 5x6 97,5kg
Romanian deads 4x10
Weighted pushups 4x10
platz squats 4x10

Squats, beltless paused: @8
160 x5
170 x5
180 x5
170 x5
170 x5
Was intending to aim for 180 x5 today, didnt care about my statement from last week. Had to vent some anger if you will. Worked wonders. BIG paused/beltless PR. I kinda wanna see if i can push 200kg in like 2-3weeks, but well see what the coach says.

Bench: medium grip larsenpress
5x5 90kg

BB rows 4x10
SeatedOHP 4x10
plate rows 4x10
bicep/tricep curls
copenhagen planks 4x20
back prehab stuffs

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