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Wanna Be Powerlifter


4x2 220kg squat
need to focus more on my rooting. I notice when i do it propperly, both depth and my form is better… I got a little lazy with it recently. Idd rate all the sets at about an rpe 8. Lets go.

Bench 5x2 115kg
Rpe 6 or so.

Deadlift (sumo)
4x2 195kg

Squats 4x8 - 187,5kg
Bench: 4x8 - 97,5kg

Rows 4x10
weightedpull ups 4x5 12,5kg
Facepulls 4x infinity
laterall raises 4x10
bicep tricep superset 4x10

Deadlift: 4x4 185kg
Bench: 4x5 105kg

Romanians 4x10
weighted pushups 4x10
hamstring curl 4x10
leg extensions 4x10

Squat: 4x5 200kg
Noticed my heels coming of the floor again, looking at other recent video’s its something ive been doing more and more. Wondering if its a problem since my squat is going up KG wise…
Gonna try and focus on the rooting allot (which did help on monday with the volume sets) this saturday for the singles. Lets see what it does. Kinda shows me even though im clearly fairly ok at squats, you constantly gotta be looking at your form, and making sure its all gucci.

Bench: 4x3 107,5kg
Nothing much.

Rows 4x10
Dumbell curls
tricep extensions
copenhagen planks

Squats; 4x1 225kg
first 3 moved at about a 8, last one at like a 9 ish. Squats heating up. Fucking great.

Bench: 5x1 117,5kg
Moving as easy as the 115kg last week. Bench is going good. Gonna bench a thicc PR in 3 weeks.

Deadlifts 3x1 207,5kg
Moving bad. Deadlifts just feel bad and off, cant really explain. When i look it back it looks pretty clean and nice, Moved my stance in for the last single which made it feel way better, so the smaller stance sumo is for sure the move. Next week is gonna be interesting. We just gonna do a bunch of singles with 200kg with the smaller stance to ingrain it.

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