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Wanna Be Powerlifter

Last training; Done. time to deload, 2 easy trainings, with minimal load. Still some good weight though, so thats gonna be fun,

Squat: 1x1 225kg, 1x1 220kg, 1x1 210kg
Moved very good all, 225kg moved at about as easy as idd want it too, with as high as my fatigued is right now. Session was supposed to be different, but you make adjustments when needed.

Bench: 3x1 122,5kg
Good, no real fuss.

Deadlift 3x1 220kg


Deload training 1:

Squat: 3x4- 177,5kg
Bench: 3x4 - 97,5kg
Deadlift: 2x3 - 172,5kg

wide grip rows 2x10
Chin ups 2x5

Second and last deload training till sunday. LFG!

Squat: 187,5kg 3x3
This moved maybe easier than 187 has ever moved. Legit felt like i could do this for sets of 10 lol.

Bench: 110kg 3x3
Same story as squat, lol.

Wide grip rows 2x10 rpe 1
Chin ups 2x6 @ rpe 1
Copenhagen bridge 3x30 sec



Woke up weighing 83.5kg, i compete in the 83 so i was a little worried, but since it was a 2 hour drive i didnt think to much off it. Fast forward to weighin: 83.45kg. LOL

So on to the crosstrainer i go, 35 minutes, second weighin COMPLETELY NAKED. 83.02kg…

Second time crosstrainer, 10 minutes, third weighin, NAKED 2,0 82,90kg. Fucking made.

At this point i had dropped my planned openers by 5kg, except bench.

Squat: Warmups where moving ok, not heavy not great. Just normal

1st attempt: 215kg
2nd attempt: 225kg
3rd attempt: 235kg x

So, squats went ok. Third i missed, got to sticking point, and couldnt grind it out due to lack of energy probably due to the cardio… So moved on with 225kg.

Bench moved ok. bench in the warmup room was slippery as all fuck, but that cant ruin the fun.

1st attempt: 120kg
2nd attempt: 125kg
3rd attempt 132.5kg x

second moved easy as all hell, so jumped a little bit more then planned to compensate for the missed 3rd on squat. I got it easy off my chest, moved to the sticking point and head judge yelled “rack it” right away, not letting me grind it out AT all, little pissed about that. More then one person said it was a BS call, and he shouldnt have done that, looking at the footage i see some downward movement so i guess its on me.


1st attempt: 215kg
2nd attempt: 227.5kg
3rd attempt: 235kg x (but with a twist)

So deadlifting, my least favourite part. First two attempts moved like i would want them too, So we opted to go for 235 which should logically have been there i got called for thighriding/hitching, 2 to 1. I personally disagree on the call, as did once again multiple people watching from home/ in the audience… But gotta live with the choices the judges make.

Finall wording: Not a good performance, due to my own lack of self discipline i fucked it up. Had the potential/strength to total 600+, but due to me being lazy with diet/food i screwed it up. 7.5kg meet pr, but im not to happy with it. Also took home the gold medall… So missing all my 3rds, with a fucked up start i still won. Lol.

Goals for the next meet: Make 600 unquestionable. Have my BW at better point PRE MEET, So i dont have to do this stupid water cut/cardio thing EVER again.

BACK TO WORK. Will post video’s SOON.


Good stuff, judges calls can be a bitch sometimes

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Video’s of the lifts.
Last video is the thighriding deadlift.


Strong enough so we’ll get it next time when the stars allign a bit better.

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for sure. Got 7months to train and get better

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Squat: 2x1 240kg LOL
Road to 250kg has officially begun. New programming starts monday, CANT wait.

Deadlift conventiona: 220kg @ like an 8
First time doing conventional pulls above 200k’s in like 7months, so im pretty happy this moved so good. Lets get this to 250kg aswel…

Fully switching to conventional deads again.


Did u refeed up to 100kg bw post meet or something

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No actually bodyweight has stayed the same, lol… even lower than pre meet. So thats good?

Ye just means u peaked and executed meet day meh if u wanna be negative

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All lessons for the next one i suppose

Weightlifting try outs

Clean en jerked 80kg’s, and cleaned 85kg. Missed the jerk portion.
Focussed allot on technique, however its big different from powerlifting technique or deadlift for that mather.

Snatched 64kg, Missed 70kg. I think i got the strength to do 70kg, but its technique/mental aspect.

When im no longer a junior im gonna give this weightlifting thing a serious shot.