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Wanna Be Powerlifter



So, comp recap!
I competed in the 93kg class as i wanted to be a bit heavier at this point, but bulk life failed.
I originally weighed in at 82,4kg, so i had to chuck a litre of chocolate milk to make weight, weighing in at the 83,6kg mark. Making me the lightest lifter of the day…

185kg 3 white lights
192,5kg 2 white lights Got a red for not locking my knee’s. After watching the video’s i think this is a bullshit call, but allright.
200kg 2 white lights Same reason as before.

Lowered opening attempt by 5kg due to coach saying she wanted to be 100% i was gonna make it. (even though the 190kg from last saturday moved easy as hell?)
Pretty happy to have finally squatted 200kg in comp, long overdue. Both me and coach agreed i could’ve done more, so thats good to know. Gonna be nice building towards next comp.


107,5kg 3 white lights
110kg 3 white lights
112,5kg 3 reds.

Didn’t make the 3rd, bench didnt feel to good. How bench was feeling this entire prep im pretty bummed about this, seeing it could’ve bin WAY WAY better. Peaked to early? Just not strong enough on the day? who knows. Still happy with 110kg though.

180kg 3 white lights
190kg 3 white lights
200kg 3 white lights

Deadlifts where all moving easy as hell. As with squat i could’ve done more on my third, but this is a 7,5kg pr on my deadlift, and finally pushing it into the 200k’s range.

510kg total @ 83,6kg bw
22,5kg added since last competition, which is pretty damn good.

Just gotta keep building the lifts, iknow where i need to work, and iknow where i wanna be. I wanna push both my squat and deadlift into the 220kg range now, and bench just into the 120kg+ range


had a good workout on monday, nothing to special.
Just did some highbar squats, and allot of pullups/rows

Got really sick tuesday morning, and have bin in bed since than. Sucks!


Damn man, get better soon.


Stop squatting you cunt so I can catch up. Also better better soon bruv.


no u

Also, thanks. Already feeling heeps better which is a good sign!


feeling better, so decided to hit the gym. Still had a mean cough, but i was getting anxious to lift again haha.

So, post meet gonna be beltless for a while
Highbar squat:
4x8 120kg

Competition bench:
4x8 70kg

Paused deadlift
4x5 100kg

  • hyperextensions 4x8
  • Reverse fly’s 4x8
  • hammer curls 4x8
  • rubber band tricep pushdowns 4x8
  • ab wheel rollout 4x8


Pin squat 4x5

split squat 4x8
Dumbell overheadpress 4x6
leg extensions 4x8
leg curls 4x8
pull ups 4x8
straight arm pull down 4x8
tricep extensions 4x8


my competition footage btw:
Finally got around to getting it off the stream that was on.

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Awesome man, well done.
Like the little yes in your body language after the DL :slight_smile:


Nice job man, totally jelly of your squat gains.


front squats:
5x8 80kg
Easy weight, but nice to do front squats again. Could feel my quads at the end for sure.

Dumbell bench 4x8
One legged romanian deadlift 4x8
barbell rows 4x8
snatch grip deadlifts 4x8 100kg
Leg press 4x8
one arm pull downs 4x12
facepulls 4x12
hanging leg raises 4x12


SSB squat
4x10 100kg

4x8 120kg

One legged leg press

floor press with dumbell 4x8 20kg
pendlay rows 4x8 60kg
tricep pushdowns 4x8
bicep curls 4x10
ab wheel rollouts 4x8


Highbar squat:
4x8 125kg
Form already feeling better on these than last week. I gotta keep pushing the squat up.

4x8 72,5kg
Feeling better than last week, form starting to feel on point again. Tried to change my foot placement which made legdrive feel better!

Paused Deadlift:
4x5 105kg
Not much change, from last week…

Hyperextensions 4x8
Reverse fly’s 4x8
Hammer curls 4x8
Band tricep pushdowns 4x8
Ab wheel rollout 4x8


pin squats
4x5 115kg
“5’s with hip draave.”
In all seriousness though. These felt heaps better than last weeks pin squats. Which is good.
Can feel my form taking good shape. which is a nice thing…

Split squats:
4x8 with 20kg kettlebell

Dumbell overheadpress 4x8 15kg’s
pull ups 4x8 - starting to get pretty good at these!
leg curls 4x8
single arm latpulldown 4x8
tricep ext. 4x8
Leg ext. 4x8


Front squats (paused)
4x8 85kg

Snatch grip deadlifts
4x8 105kg
Also did a sumo stretch i saw bryce lewis do on a old video. Felt great, gonna be keeping that in when i do deadlift to stretch up those hips!

rows 4x8 60kg

dumbell bench 4x8 20-25kg

single leg romanian deadlift 4x8 20kg kettlebell

leg press 4x8 like 120kg? idk i just put a bunch of plates on and leg press away.

Facepulls 4x8
hanging leg raises 4x8


Great work Joery, keep it up


Dude Bulgarian Split squats are the bomb (even if I found a belt squat to use lol).

So if I weigh 85ish and the rear leg takes a bit of the weight I think I’d be doing 70kg on the front leg so equivalent to squatting 140 and pumping out reps of that. Takes load off the back and torso too.

Gotta grow


i love them to. I saw this post by sean norriega about them, and since i followed his tips, my knees havent felt better… (and the quad pump/growth is amazing to…)


Today;s stuff:
SSB squat
4x10 105kg

Deadlifts (with a band pulling the bar away)
4x8 120kg
Coach seemed to think i need this because bar got away to far, so we doing this now. It felt good though!

Pendlay rows 4x8 60kg
dumbell floor press 4x8 25kg
dumbell pec fly’s 4x8 paused
face pulls 4x12
leg press with a single leg 4x12
Triceps and bicep both 4x12

Ab wheel rollout 4x8


Sweeping DL are an awesome way to learn to engage the lats during DL.
When I remember I do a couple of my warmup sets like that.
On your next DL session try a couple on the warmup sets.