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Wanna Be Powerlifter



SBD Cake 4 u


180kg x 3
182kg x 3
185kg x 3
187,5kg x 3
Depth was on point, but the 4th was right at parallel. I like it slightly deeper. So gotta keep that in mind next time

4x3 paused 102,5kg

5x 165kg
4x 167kg
3x 170kg

Was extremely tired at this point, and noticed i had little to no energy left at this point.

Good training, but took way to long.


What phase of your program is this meant to be?




Peaking! I thought i mentioned, but i am actually competing in 3 weeks! :stuck_out_tongue:


paused competition squat
152,kg x 4
155kg x 3
157,5kg x 2
160kg x 2
163kg x 2
Good session. Weights moving like it was a joke haha

102,5kg x 5
105kg x 3
107,5kg x 2
110kg x 1
110kg x 1

Romanian deadlifts
4x8 115kg

Pull ups and rows 4x8
some bicep curls


SSB squat
4x8 130kg

Split squat
4x8 20kg

Dumbell bench
4x8 27,5kg

Behind the neck pulls 4x8
Rows 4x8 80kg

wide grip deads 4x5 130kg

Planks 4x50seconds


180kg x 2
182,5kg x 2
185kg x 2
190kg x 1

102,5kg x 4
105kg x 2
110kg x 1

165kg x 4
170kg x 3
175kg x 2
177.5kg x 1


Good workout today, Starting to figure some stuff out about my squat now that we’re squatting heavier/les reps. Gonna be using this when we go back to a building phase, and im already excited for it haha. Bench is also feeling pretty good, do have to keep the mobility work on point for the arch. Deadlift is also feeling good, and i think the approach we’re taking right now is pretty good.

Anyways, todays training!

Highbar squats:
4x5 140kg

Lowbar squat: (paused)
2x3 145kg

100kg x3
102,5kg x3
105kg x3
107,5kg x2
107,5kg x1
Superset w/ pull ups.

Romanian deadlifts
4x8 115kg


yesterdays training:
Little bit les volume on the ssb day, since we’re 1.5 weeks out

SSB squat:
3x8 135kg.

Dumbell bench
3x8 25kg

Wide grip deadlifts
4x5 135kg

Behind the neck pull downs 4x8
rows 4x8
split squat (no weight, just feeling it out, slow controlled reps. )


testing openers today. Had a bike accident yesterday, so that fucking sucked.
My knee hurt so bad i woke up from it yesterday night, decided to just go the gym and see what was up… Ended up not being any problem during squats, but during bench. (no legdrive…)

190kg squat
107,5kg bench
180kg deadlift

SHW ratio’s on my lifts, while being a 83kg lifter, lol.

WIll try and add some video’s later.


opening lifts.
No deadlift video, since go pro didnt record… :frowning:

It moved good.


today’s training

140kg x 1
150kg x 1
160kg x 1
165kg x 1

100kg x 2
102,5kg x 2
105kg x 1

All competition paused

165kg x 1


easy workout today. One last workout pre competition, the work is done, all i can do now is enjoy saturday!

100kg x 5
110kg x 3
130kg x 3
140kg x 1
150kg x 1

Dumbell bench
3x8 25kg

Romanian deadlifts
3x6 100kg

Some pull ups 3x8
and thats it.


Good luck ma bruddah


thanks dude. Any insight on when your comp is?


Go get them pr’s :muscle:


135kg x 1

100kg x 1

130kg x 1


just quickly posting the results, will do a full recap when i’m not tired as fuck.

Bw: 83,6
200kg squat
110kg bench
200kg deadlift

510 total

Full recap tomorrow, with videos!


Nah lol sometime.

Congrats on the performance bro. Keep pushing so you can push me too